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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wow, Twinkle and the other stuffed animals had quite an exciting time while we sleeping!

Sorry it’s been a couple days since I posted, my migraine has really sent me for a loop. But I’m back and running (well, let’s not get crazy, I’m not literally running – maybe just like walking around at a good pace!).
The kids woke up Friday for their last (half) day of school before their Christmas break, this is what they woke up to:

Tiny-the-cat really, really wanted to get into trouble with all those marshmallows.  She went crazy when she poked her little head up and saw them all over the table. But I distracted her with some gooshies (what we call canned cat food around here, both cats know it by name, all I have to do is say “gooshy” and they go CRAZY).
Jon took one look at Slinky-dog and said “You too, Slinky?” Just like Julius Caesar saying “Et tu Brute?” when Caesar was stabbed by Marcus Brutus. He expects so much more of his toys.