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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finding the Christmas spirit

As a parent, and a Christian, I want to make sure that I set an example for my kids. As we all know kids learn by example, so maybe I’m not the brightest and best example to be learning from but I’m trying.
When we returned from our Thanksgiving trip to Galveston we put up our Christmas tree, then this past weekend we put up a smaller 4 foot tree with fiber-optic lights in the front foyer. The kids love the little tree and they love that there is actually two trees in the house (and for the record I have let them know that more trees do NOT mean more presents).
They were pushing me to put up the other tree that we have in storage (yes, we have three trees, shut up, don’t judge me!). I put my foot down and said “No, we aren’t putting up 3 trees! Two is enough!” Then I had an idea (light bulb moment) that we should find a “home” for the third tree. It’s a nice 6 foot lighted tree, still in the box.
So I turned to Craiglist, looked under the “wanted” section and immediately found someone looking for a tree, a mom with kiddos who is just having a tough time. I emailed her and figured if she calls then she calls, if not I’ll keep looking. But the next morning I got a call from the lady that put up the ad. She was happy that I had responded I could hear a little one in the background asking if I was the lady with the tree and if they were going to get have a tree. We agreed to meet up at a local store so I could give her the tree; she was grateful and very nice.
I told my kiddos what was going on, I explained that lots of families out there don’t have enough money to put food on the table let alone get a Christmas tree or presents. I then explained that I had found a woman with children who didn’t have a tree this year. All the kids were in agreement: we needed to get this tree to her and her kids. Together we loaded the boxed tree (along with some ornaments) into my car and headed out to the meeting location.
She was there right on time, very nice and extremely appreciative. She had her kids with her and they were bubbling with excitement. I helped her load the tree up in her car and wished her and her children a very Merry Christmas. My kids wished them a Merry Christmas as well.
As we drove away Hannah was beaming, “Mom, that felt good.”
“That’s what I mean when we say it’s better to give than receive.”
“It is, mom, it really is.”