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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mother Goose, the King James Version

When I was out today The Hubs let the girls do some painting. This bit of painting had a theme to it: the itsy bitsy spider.

Hannah brought me hers. “Here’s the spider, and the sun shining, and my Smurf’s house!” (she loves the Smurfs!)

Too cute!
Then KK brought me her painting:

KK: Look at mine, mother! (This is what she calls me, so grown up!)
Me: Oooo, so bright!
KK: Yes, here’s the spider and all the blood –
Me: (interrupting) Blood?
KK: Yes, the blood, I hate spiders. And here’s the foot coming down to squish the spider (pointing at big, yellow foot).
Me: Oh my!
KK: (with a loud, commanding voice) And God sent down the mighty foot to squish the spider flat!
Me: Wow.

So, this is what it would be like if Mother Goose wrote the bible, I suppose.