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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Too funny not to pass on

Jon’s surgery went great (yea, I know it’s been 2 weeks, shut up) and his recovery was a breeze. That kiddo is great!
The morning of his surgery we got up early (we had to be there by 6:15 a.m.) and got ready – doing 2 breathing treatments before leaving the house as instructed by surgery team.  Corey stayed with the girls and got them off to school and then met us there. When we got there it was nice and quiet, there were five beds in the children’s ward and Jon was the only one in there. SWEET! Jon opted to bring two of his Angry Bird stuffed animals for comfort (technically one was an Angry Pig) plus some Star Wars Legos. We played with the Legos and goofed around until the nurse came around with his “happy juice”. I was instructed to make sure he stayed in bed since the meds would make him loopy; turns out it made him hilariously ‘drunk’.  He slurred his words and was just too funny.
The anesthesiologist came in concerned about his recent ER visit and wanted to listen to his lungs. He was a giant of a man who towered over my little guy but you could tell he was used to kids. He was gentle and soft spoken, which is good since Jon’s drunken state made him a little difficult to work with.
Nurse: Hey, little man, I’m gonna need you to cough for me.
Jon: I’m not gonna do it! (shaking his head at the man)
Nurse: I really need a good cough!
Jon: Then YOU do it!  (Jon is now pointing at him)
Nurse: Alright, I didn’t wanna do this, but (he picks up Jon’s Angry Birds) if you don’t cough I’m going to have to throw these at you.
Jon: Hey, Hey, HEY! (wagging a finger at him) We aren’t allowed to throw things inside!
Nurse: Come on, buddy, one cough and I’ll be one my way.
Jon: Ok, ok, okaaaaaaaaay. Just one.  *cough*  That’s it!
Nurse: Perfect! Thanks little man!

The nurses assured me that it’s the well behaved kids who act all crazy on the meds and the parents are mortified, and it’s the wild, out of control kids who take the meds and suddenly become well-behaved and their parents are begging for a prescription of the stuff.
They wheeled Jon out at 7:30 a.m. and he was done by 7:45. Shocking. The nurses said it took a little longer since Jon’s asthma acted up during the procedure and they had to give him a treatment. Wow, talk about fast!
We were home by noon.
He has had no complications and done great. He was back to eating scrambled eggs and Ramen noodles by the next day, and was eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets by day 4.
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and well-wishes. They are, as always, appreciated!