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Monday, December 5, 2011

Girl cooties and horrible, just horrible!

I was pretty tired this morning when I handed out the kids’ uniforms. A little while later Hannah came into the kitchen and said “Momma, my shirt must have shrunk.” I turned to take a good look at her, she was nearly busting out of the seams.
“Oh, I must’ve mixed up your shirt with Jon’s.  Lemme look.” A quick peek at the tag showed that I had indeed mixed up their shirts.
I poked my head into Jon’s room, “He, buddy, is your shirt really big?”
“Yes!” he yelled at me while his head was in his sock drawer. Little things like this can really send him into a mood. Awesome.
“Ok, well, I mixed you your shirt with Hannah’s. Let’s switch them out.” Jon took off the too-big shirt and handed it over. I took it to Hannah’s room, gave her that one, grabbed Jon’s shirt from her and ran that one back to Jon. “Here ya go.” I held out the shirt for Jon to take.
Jon just looked at the shirt like I was holding a dirty diaper. I continued to hold it out for him, “Hello, here’s your shirt.” Nothing, just a stare. “What’s up, buddy?”
“I need a new shirt. Not that one.”
“But she only had it on for about two minutes. It’s not dirty. You can wear it.”
He just stared at his with absolute contempt.
“What’s up, little man?”
“It had girl-boobs on it. Can I please get a fresh shirt?” His eyes were pleading with me.
“Oh, girl-boobs. I understand.” I went and got him a fresh uniform shirt and brought it into him. “Here a go, I’ll wash the other one today.”
“Thanks, mom.”

And so it begins……..