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Monday, December 31, 2012

The youngest one.....she scares me.

I'm sitting on the sofa working hard on my computer  playing Dream Chronicles on the computer when little Kimberly comes up and says "Hey, mom, can you open this?" I look up and she is holding up a box that is as tall as she is. I recognize it as her Princess Collection doll set that she got for Christmas, it has yet to be opened.

Worst. Mom. Ever.

So we set out to the task of setting these gals free. KK has been hog wild for Barbies ever since her Aunt Kim gave her a bunch of Barbies and Barbie stuff that her daughter outgrew (thank you Kim! You have kept KK very occupied!).

As we set each Princess free KK would croon over her, making sure her little high heels were set on right, smoothing her gown, then she would sit her on the foot of the bed. There all the Princesses sat, like they were ready for the theater when I collected the box that they came in and told KK to have fun.
"Yes, ma'am, momma, thank you so much! Love you!" Aaahhhh, my sweet little angel. How did I ever get so fortunate? How did I get so blessed?

And then, it happened. It did not sound like the sweet little 6 year old that was just telling me she loved me, instead it sounded like a drill sergeant on day 1 of basic training.
"Listen up, ladies, and listen up good, I'm not going to repeat it. You will not be called a Princess in this house! No you will not! Do you hear me? There is only one Princess in this house, and you're looking at her. Do I make myself clear?"

Yep, there's the KK I know!