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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotta Give Some Props To Other Bloggers

I love reading blogs. They crack me up. I have my favorites ( is one that I check EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT FAIL!). I even follow Laura Ledford on Facebook because she is just too funny not to ..... or I'm stalking her, I'm not quite sure yet (here's her page:!/profile.php?id=100000769359594, you should follow her too).
But another blog that I follow is Moms Who Drink and Swear (go here now: by Nicole Knepper. I have cracked up more times than I can count while reading her page. I do, however, fall behind on her posts (this is where I hang my head in shame), and then I read a whole bunch of postings at one time. Which is exactly what happened last night, when I read her July 18th entry: Fill Up The Sex Cup ( This, right here, is why I love her. She can put into words exactly how I feel. I especially loved the part on "I am a cup. See me as a cup." That whole paragraph...... wonderful! And then wraps it up perfectly with "making references to his junk every time I walk past." Speak it, sister! I have talked to so many other gal-pals (that's right, I just said that. Don't judge me. You don't know me.) and they agree that this is exactly what going on in their homes.
So Nicole's entry for July 18th is a FREAKING WORK OF ART, PEOPLE!!! I'm telling ya, it needs to be chiseled in stone and put in the Smithsonian.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Scapegoat...or Scapeturtle. Is there such a thing?

For quite a while now our yard has been getting destroyed. I've been cursing the dog, a know, cuz it's the obvious answer to the large holes, especially when you catch said dog digging up the yard. The Hubs, however, thinks he must protect the dog at all costs. He thinks I'm picking on the dog. Yea, right, whatever.
So yesterday The Hubs comes in with "proof" that the dog is not the one who has been digging those huge holes in the back yard. He ushers me outside and is pointing into the backyard saying "Look, right there! That's what is tearing up the back yard!"
I see the holes, nothing else. "What?"
"RIGHT THERE!!!" Pointing like a mad man.
I look again.
I see this:
"Are you kidding me?" I asked. "It's a little bitty turtle."
"YES!!! Who has been digging up our yard!" The Hubs is convinced and it would appear nothing is going to change his mind.
"No! No way! That little turtle didn't dig sideways as well as dig down. I'm not buying it."
Take a closer look:

"Well, maybe the dog heard the turtle in the hole and went after him, making the hole bigger. But the turtle definitely started it!"

Yea, that makes sense. The turtle started it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

If It Ain’t Raining Then We Ain’t Playing!

So this past weekend was Regionals in Pascagoula. If we could win-win-win then we would go on to State next weekend in Kosciusko. (Really, Mississippi? What’s up with the names of these towns?)
It rained and rained and then rained so more. We literally PLAYED IN THE RAIN!!! Pfft, who am I kidding, the boys played in the rain. I sat under an umbrella (held by Susan thank you very much!) and stayed pretty dry.
Did we play good? Well, here’s a pic of the scoreboard at the end of one of our games:

Just in case you were wondering, we’re the team with 17 runs!

And guess what? WE ARE HEADED TO STATE!!!!
We took the 3rd seed!
Like I said earlier on here THESE BOYS JUST DON’T QUIT!!!
So tomorrow we are off to State!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Is Late, Let's Just Pretend it's Last Week Again!

Our Boys Have a No-Quit attitude!
The Hubs is coaching the 7 year old All-star Little League team. Let me tell you, those boys have given 110%. They continue to amaze me. Really, they do.  Last week we were in a “do-or-die” game, if we lost we were done for the season. We were in our fifth inning and not doing so great. The boys were tired. Flat. Out. Exhausted! I think before we headed up to bat the score was 5 to 12, and we weren’t the ones winning.
The Hubs gathered the boys into a huddle and told them “Let’s just get out there and have some fun. This is a game, so let’s have fun!”
This seemed to recharge the boys.
The lady next to me, however, was not thrilled. “What does he mean ‘just get out there and have fun’? If we lose we go home. We need to get out there and WIN!”
Thankfully the boys didn’t hear this. As each player came up to the plate Corey (who pitches to them) would point at the batter and then at himself and tell them, “It’s just you and me, buddy. Just you and me, just like in batting cages.”  They picked up their bats and swung for the fences.  We made it up to 11 to 12 that inning and when the other team was up to bat we held them at 12.
The sixth and last inning came and Corey did the same thing with each batter, telling them it was just him and them up there.  We scored another 6 runs so now the score was 17 to 12. But the game wasn’t over; the opposing team had the last at-bat. We could lose it all right here.
The Hubs pulled the boys back into a huddle, “Woo-hoo, I’m having fun! Are you having fun?” All the boys whooped and yelled “Yea! We’re having fun!” The hubs cheered them on, “Okay then, let’s get on this field and have some more fun!”
They didn’t let one batter score!
They placed 3rd in the tournament and were headed to Pascagoula to Regionals.

It’s beyond exciting. We are thrilled. The Hubs always gives out the game ball to whoever really shined. But there just wasn’t any way to pick just one. Each of those boys never gave up. Each of them deserved a ball. So The Hubs decided to have all of the players sign 12 balls and he handed them out to each of the boys.

We head out on Friday to Pascagoula. Wish us luck.

p.s. A big thanks to Susan for letting me "steal" these pics from her Facebook page!

p.p.s. Check back and I'll letcha know how we did at Regionals.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Summertime Fun Must Go On!!!

What a crazy few days we’ve had around here.
This past weekend we went over to Susan and Derrick’s house for a cookout. We brought the kiddos’ bikes since the weather looked pretty good. After eating all the kids went outside to play, we were on a nice cul de sac so it was a great place for them to ride their bikes and still be safe. First they played with sparklers, we don’t let our kiddos play with them usually; they scare me. But we indulged them. It was fun, but getting very dark.
Hannah had taken a fancy to her friends’ scooter. She was zooming all over on it. At least it wasn’t a motorized one, but still …. I was a little nervous. Then IT happened. One of the other kiddos called out that Hannah had crashed and she wasn’t getting back up. I went running for her. She was a good ways down the street. Yea, there’s a nice mental picture for ya. When I got to her she was crying pretty hard. I calmed her down and got her up, she was banged up pretty bad. Susan came to help, even offering to carry Hannah on her back.
When we got back to Susan’s home we got her cleaned up. Her knee was scraped up and her shoulder was a real mess. She kept saying that her wrist hurt, but I thought it was only because it was scraped up as well. But she wasn’t settling down. Corey came in to assess the damage. Now in my defense I have to say I was trying to treat and clean up the obvious injuries. Unlike him, I am not a Combat Medic.
Here’s a rendering of what was said next:                   
Corey: We need to get Hannah to the ER, her wrist is broke.
Me: Huh?
Corey: Her WRIST is BROKE! Look!
It was then that I took a good look at the arm, just above the wrist her arm was swelling up REALLY big.
Me: It’s broke? (Yes, I realized I sound completely simple here, I was kind of in shock though. Give me a break!)
Corey: It’s broke; we need to take her now!
It was after 9:00 p.m. and taking 3 kids to the ER is absolutely no fun. Luckily Susan and Derrick offered to keep Jon and KK for us. So off the ER we went.
After x-rays it was confirmed that yes indeed the arm was broken. It’s a nice clean break, an “impact fracture” where the bone broke and then one end shoved into the other.

The ER made a splint for her and put her in a sling and gave us a referral to Southern Bone and Joint so she could get a hard cast on Monday.
Hannah’s heart was broken. We had a pool party to go to on Sunday. We also have plans to go to Ocean Springs, MS this weekend. That means 3 days in a hotel. Do the math:  hotel = swimming pool. We also have plans to go to the coast at the end of the month. And we also go to the pool on base a couple times a week. Having a cast is like pure torture for this kiddo.
Then, at the pool party on Sunday there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Another mom, whose daughter has had 2 broken arms, told me they now have waterproof casts.
I went home and googled “waterproof casts”, I had hope!
At the Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday we asked about this “waterproof cast” that was to be our saving grace.
Doc: Well, with this kind of break she is going to have to have a full-arm cast for 3 weeks. Then we will bring her back in for more x-rays and hopefully bring it down to a half cast.
Me: Sooooooo …. We have a lot of plans that include water. And she loves the water. I don’t want her summer ruined…..and we’ve heard about these waterproof casts???
Doc: Absolutely, that’s what I was going to recommend. She looks like she is an active child. So I think the waterproof variety is best for her. (Turning to Hannah) What color would you like?
Hannah: PINK! (she already had that decided!)
And with that it was settled.
In inside lining isn’t cotton like the old casts, this lining is gortex. How great is that?
She is still bummed that her arm is broke, but is thrilled that she can go swimming. And: IT'S PINK!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sometimes a Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do!

I have removed most of the drama from my life. I’d say my life has become 99% drama-free and I like it that way. I am a much happier person for it, that’s for sure. But sometimes a little drama comes barging in and I’m faced with it.
I am outspoken, maybe too much. I say how I feel especially when I see an injustice going on. Sometimes others just need to learn a lesson or maybe get set straight, this happened yesterday at the pool on Camp Shelby.
I was there with my three kiddos; we were shockingly the only one there for quite a while. I take the kids to the pool there a lot. I have gotten to know the lifeguards. I appreciate all that they do. They put up with a lot when they are just trying to do their jobs and enforce the rules. The rules that are clearly posted at the pool and the same rules that are there for our safety and protection. So it really infuriates me when someone gets blatantly nasty and ugly or simply refuses to follow the pool rules.
And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Three soldiers arrived to swim. Each walked up to the sign in sheet and stood ever it, did some writing and then went and placed their towels and such on a chair and got in the pool. I was playing with my kids, so my direct attention was not on them but then Tiny (the head lifeguard who is anything but tiny) called out to the three soldiers asking them to please sign in completely.
Jerk #1: We did. We put our names on the sheet.
Tiny: There are four clearly marked columns; full name, rank, unit and time in.
Jerk #1: We gave you our last names!                
And with that they swam to the deep end. What followed next still angers me. They started griping and complaining, calling Tiny names (names that my children were clearly hearing) and basically making fun of the lifeguards. Now the lifeguard stand is at the shallow end of the pool, the soldiers are at the deep end and I’m sitting on the edge of the pool dead center of the pool. I kept telling myself to just let the jerks be jerks and stay out of it.
Then it happened:
Jerk 1: I mean, this fat prick wants to tell me to give him my f*cking unit after I’m already in the pool?!?
Me: Hey guys, the lifeguards here are only doing their job. Rule 2 on the pool rules say to sign in completely before entering the pool.
Jerk 1: (In total shock) Hey, hey, hey we weren’t saying anything.
Me: So in everyday conversation you talk about someone wanting you to give them your unit before entering the pool.
Jerk 1: Well, no, but you weren’t even in our conversation.
Me: You put me in your conversation when you are talking loud enough and using expletives loud enough for my children to hear you; which brings me to Rule 7 of the Pool Rules – No Profanity. You know, maybe you should familiarize yourself with the Pool Rules.
Jerk 1: We did sign in!
Me: Tiny asked you to fully sign in and you refused to get out the pool.
Jerk 1: No he didn’t.
Tiny: Yes, I did. I asked for all of your information and you refused to give it to me.
Jerk 1: Listen, I gave you my last name!
At this he got out the pool and decided to get in Tiny’s face. Bad move. Tiny kept his cool, even going so far as to show this jerk the sign in roster and pointing out each of the information columns he was supposed to complete.
Jerk 1: I didn’t know you needed all that!
Tiny: It’s clearly marked. In fact Mrs. Matthews signed in ahead of you to give you a clear example to follow by.
At this point he’s in Tiny’s face screaming. Tiny has had all he can take. I mean, this guy at bowing up at him and screaming!
Tiny: That’s it, you’re out of the pool.
Jerk 1: This is bullshit! (Grabbing his towel with his 2 buddies in tow) Total bullshit!
Me: Rule 7, soldier! You need to watch your mouth.
Jerk 1: And YOU (Glaring at me then back at Tiny)! Unbelievable that you’re letting a civilian call us out!
Me: Soldier, watch your mouth! If I’m here it means I’m a dependent and you have no clue as to what my husband’s rank is. Tread lightly!
At this his two buddies find their voice, they start warning him “Shut up, man. Let’s just go. Keep your mouth shut!”
And with that they were gone. I immediately apologized to Tiny.
Me: I’m so sorry. But I had to speak up; they were so disrespectful and talking trash. You guys work too dang hard out here in the hot sun for them to be like that. Especially soldiers, they totally lost their military bearings, and when they started calling you names I couldn’t keep quiet anymore.
Tiny: Mrs. Matthews, you have no need to apologize. You are here a couple times a week, your kids follow all the rules, your friends are always the nicest. We appreciate you. You are welcome here anytime.
And then this:
KK: Hey mommy, what’s a prick?
Me: Awesome!
Tiny: Did she just say what I think she said?
Me: Yep.
Tiny (looking at KK): Why’d you say that?
KK: That’s what those guys were saying.
Tiny: And that’s why Rule 7 is there. Kids copy what they hear.

I was shocked at how these soldiers acted. It’s not typical of soldiers. They were a couple of bad apples. It was shameful, but maybe they’ll think twice if they ever do it again. Others aren’t going to sit by while you are disrespectful and act like idiots!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don’t Think Those That Came Back Don’t Remember

This past weekend we grilled out and had some friends over for great food and conversation. While the menfolk were outside talking baseball Susan and I sat down at the kitchen table for some small talk. She asked about The Hub’s going to Iraq and his injuries and I told her all about that fateful deployment, his being Medevac’d  out of there and the surgery and complications that ensued.
Later that evening The Hubs asked what all we talked about and I told him about that conversation. That was a bad move. I should know better. I know that I shouldn’t take him back to those dark times. But what was said couldn’t be unsaid.
He started naming off his soldier’s names and injuries/death, in chronological order of when they were hurt or killed. He still remembers their names, rank, where they were and what happened. He remembers if they were married, if they had kids. He remembers it all, he remember THEM all.
I’m sure the others that came back have these vivid recollections as well. Every one of them tells a story, each heartbreaking, but each of them honoring a fallen/injured brother.
So please don’t think that those that came back just went about living their lives.  They are never forgotten, EVER!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hope You Had a Great Holiday and Enjoyed the Show!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and that you ate too much and laughed until your sides hurt. I truly do with all my heart.
We had a great day. It was pretty lazy, with a nasty storm hitting us in the afternoon. We were sitting in our living room when we noticed a lightning bolt hit in the pasture across the street. No joke. The thunder boomed with the flash… wait. So we knew it was too close for comfort. My two girls totally lost their minds.
I was brave enough to venture out onto the front porch and spotted the tree that was hit – it’s been split all the way to the base of the trunk.  Crap that’s close!
Here’s the pic:

The Hubs was supposed to be coaching a game that night but due to the weather it got postponed until the next night. So he called to let us know that he could go to the fireworks show with us. Yay!
We loaded up and got to the lake two and a half hours before the show, but we got a great spot right on the lake.  So it was worth it. We let the kids swim and have a good time then they laid out on the blanket to watch the show, I glanced over to see every other kiddo in the vicinity had grabbed a spot on the blanket with them.  That was cute, even when I heard all the boys talking about who could make the loudest “arm pit farts”. Boys will be boys.
I hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July Everyone

This will be short and sweet.
It's the 4th of July. A time for family get-togethers, cookouts, kids running around with sparklers, and of course fireworks.
It's also a time to celebrate our independence. Our freedom.
Take a moment to say the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. Say every word. Sing the National Anthem.
Thank a soldier for the freedom you enjoy everyday.
Enjoy this day! It's an American holiday. Have some fun!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

It Was A Day to Celebrate!!!

Yesterday was The Hubs and my 11 year wedding anniversary. Yes, congratulations are in order because I don’t see how in the heck he has held on this long. Seriously. The man is a saint. I know certainly could not have (read: would not have) put up with my crap for that long, so it must be true love.
And those that know us know that The Hubs is not a big gift giver. He just isn’t. He loves getting ‘em, but he just isn’t so great with going and picking something out. He hates it, a lot. He’d rather I just go get myself something, but I never do, then I whine that he didn’t get me anything. See what I mean? I would NOT have put up with me for 11 years. Nope.
He hadn’t mentioned our anniversary at all in the weeks (and then days) before our anniversary. So I was pretty sure he had totally forgotten about it. He has a lot on his plate right now. And it wouldn’t have been the first time he (or I for that matter) had forgotten it. A couple years ago we were on our way to Disney World when we realized that we had totally missed The Big Day (we remembered 2 days past the date) and had a good laugh about it.
So I was not expecting anything big yesterday when he got up before dawn for work and kissed me goodbye (while I was still catching some zzzz’s), but he did whisper “Happy Anniversary” which totally shocked me. The next thing I remember was my cell ringing at 8:30, I stumbled into the kitchen to look at the pad – it was him calling from work. But when I picked it up and said “hello” he just hung up. I chalked it up bad reception, since the offices they use are old barracks built back in WWII. I turned around to see this:

HOLY COW!!! The man knows me! I love coffee. I adore coffee. I drink it all the time. I can’t start my day without it. I’ve been asking for this machine FOREVER and he got it. Seems like he was getting a little anxious for me to discover my gift that he couldn’t wait any longer so he called me to wake my butt up.
Plus coffee has a double meaning for us; we met when I was a barista for a little shop in Washington. He came in with a friend who needed a refill, I was their server, he didn’t order anything since he HATES coffee. But then he came back every day and got coffee, it was the beginning of our courtship. So….yea. Coffee means a lot.
We had a great anniversary, and I’m loving my Keurig. Everyone is sending me great recipes. And I’ve already ordered over 100 K-cups from Keurig. I can’t wait for them to get here. I ordered everything from regular coffee to flavored coffee, as well as tea, apple cider and hot chocolate.
I. Am. Content.