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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Is Late, Let's Just Pretend it's Last Week Again!

Our Boys Have a No-Quit attitude!
The Hubs is coaching the 7 year old All-star Little League team. Let me tell you, those boys have given 110%. They continue to amaze me. Really, they do.  Last week we were in a “do-or-die” game, if we lost we were done for the season. We were in our fifth inning and not doing so great. The boys were tired. Flat. Out. Exhausted! I think before we headed up to bat the score was 5 to 12, and we weren’t the ones winning.
The Hubs gathered the boys into a huddle and told them “Let’s just get out there and have some fun. This is a game, so let’s have fun!”
This seemed to recharge the boys.
The lady next to me, however, was not thrilled. “What does he mean ‘just get out there and have fun’? If we lose we go home. We need to get out there and WIN!”
Thankfully the boys didn’t hear this. As each player came up to the plate Corey (who pitches to them) would point at the batter and then at himself and tell them, “It’s just you and me, buddy. Just you and me, just like in batting cages.”  They picked up their bats and swung for the fences.  We made it up to 11 to 12 that inning and when the other team was up to bat we held them at 12.
The sixth and last inning came and Corey did the same thing with each batter, telling them it was just him and them up there.  We scored another 6 runs so now the score was 17 to 12. But the game wasn’t over; the opposing team had the last at-bat. We could lose it all right here.
The Hubs pulled the boys back into a huddle, “Woo-hoo, I’m having fun! Are you having fun?” All the boys whooped and yelled “Yea! We’re having fun!” The hubs cheered them on, “Okay then, let’s get on this field and have some more fun!”
They didn’t let one batter score!
They placed 3rd in the tournament and were headed to Pascagoula to Regionals.

It’s beyond exciting. We are thrilled. The Hubs always gives out the game ball to whoever really shined. But there just wasn’t any way to pick just one. Each of those boys never gave up. Each of them deserved a ball. So The Hubs decided to have all of the players sign 12 balls and he handed them out to each of the boys.

We head out on Friday to Pascagoula. Wish us luck.

p.s. A big thanks to Susan for letting me "steal" these pics from her Facebook page!

p.p.s. Check back and I'll letcha know how we did at Regionals.