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Friday, July 1, 2011

It Was A Day to Celebrate!!!

Yesterday was The Hubs and my 11 year wedding anniversary. Yes, congratulations are in order because I don’t see how in the heck he has held on this long. Seriously. The man is a saint. I know certainly could not have (read: would not have) put up with my crap for that long, so it must be true love.
And those that know us know that The Hubs is not a big gift giver. He just isn’t. He loves getting ‘em, but he just isn’t so great with going and picking something out. He hates it, a lot. He’d rather I just go get myself something, but I never do, then I whine that he didn’t get me anything. See what I mean? I would NOT have put up with me for 11 years. Nope.
He hadn’t mentioned our anniversary at all in the weeks (and then days) before our anniversary. So I was pretty sure he had totally forgotten about it. He has a lot on his plate right now. And it wouldn’t have been the first time he (or I for that matter) had forgotten it. A couple years ago we were on our way to Disney World when we realized that we had totally missed The Big Day (we remembered 2 days past the date) and had a good laugh about it.
So I was not expecting anything big yesterday when he got up before dawn for work and kissed me goodbye (while I was still catching some zzzz’s), but he did whisper “Happy Anniversary” which totally shocked me. The next thing I remember was my cell ringing at 8:30, I stumbled into the kitchen to look at the pad – it was him calling from work. But when I picked it up and said “hello” he just hung up. I chalked it up bad reception, since the offices they use are old barracks built back in WWII. I turned around to see this:

HOLY COW!!! The man knows me! I love coffee. I adore coffee. I drink it all the time. I can’t start my day without it. I’ve been asking for this machine FOREVER and he got it. Seems like he was getting a little anxious for me to discover my gift that he couldn’t wait any longer so he called me to wake my butt up.
Plus coffee has a double meaning for us; we met when I was a barista for a little shop in Washington. He came in with a friend who needed a refill, I was their server, he didn’t order anything since he HATES coffee. But then he came back every day and got coffee, it was the beginning of our courtship. So….yea. Coffee means a lot.
We had a great anniversary, and I’m loving my Keurig. Everyone is sending me great recipes. And I’ve already ordered over 100 K-cups from Keurig. I can’t wait for them to get here. I ordered everything from regular coffee to flavored coffee, as well as tea, apple cider and hot chocolate.
I. Am. Content.