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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hope You Had a Great Holiday and Enjoyed the Show!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and that you ate too much and laughed until your sides hurt. I truly do with all my heart.
We had a great day. It was pretty lazy, with a nasty storm hitting us in the afternoon. We were sitting in our living room when we noticed a lightning bolt hit in the pasture across the street. No joke. The thunder boomed with the flash… wait. So we knew it was too close for comfort. My two girls totally lost their minds.
I was brave enough to venture out onto the front porch and spotted the tree that was hit – it’s been split all the way to the base of the trunk.  Crap that’s close!
Here’s the pic:

The Hubs was supposed to be coaching a game that night but due to the weather it got postponed until the next night. So he called to let us know that he could go to the fireworks show with us. Yay!
We loaded up and got to the lake two and a half hours before the show, but we got a great spot right on the lake.  So it was worth it. We let the kids swim and have a good time then they laid out on the blanket to watch the show, I glanced over to see every other kiddo in the vicinity had grabbed a spot on the blanket with them.  That was cute, even when I heard all the boys talking about who could make the loudest “arm pit farts”. Boys will be boys.
I hope you enjoyed your holiday!