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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Scapegoat...or Scapeturtle. Is there such a thing?

For quite a while now our yard has been getting destroyed. I've been cursing the dog, a know, cuz it's the obvious answer to the large holes, especially when you catch said dog digging up the yard. The Hubs, however, thinks he must protect the dog at all costs. He thinks I'm picking on the dog. Yea, right, whatever.
So yesterday The Hubs comes in with "proof" that the dog is not the one who has been digging those huge holes in the back yard. He ushers me outside and is pointing into the backyard saying "Look, right there! That's what is tearing up the back yard!"
I see the holes, nothing else. "What?"
"RIGHT THERE!!!" Pointing like a mad man.
I look again.
I see this:
"Are you kidding me?" I asked. "It's a little bitty turtle."
"YES!!! Who has been digging up our yard!" The Hubs is convinced and it would appear nothing is going to change his mind.
"No! No way! That little turtle didn't dig sideways as well as dig down. I'm not buying it."
Take a closer look:

"Well, maybe the dog heard the turtle in the hole and went after him, making the hole bigger. But the turtle definitely started it!"

Yea, that makes sense. The turtle started it!