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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sometimes a Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do!

I have removed most of the drama from my life. I’d say my life has become 99% drama-free and I like it that way. I am a much happier person for it, that’s for sure. But sometimes a little drama comes barging in and I’m faced with it.
I am outspoken, maybe too much. I say how I feel especially when I see an injustice going on. Sometimes others just need to learn a lesson or maybe get set straight, this happened yesterday at the pool on Camp Shelby.
I was there with my three kiddos; we were shockingly the only one there for quite a while. I take the kids to the pool there a lot. I have gotten to know the lifeguards. I appreciate all that they do. They put up with a lot when they are just trying to do their jobs and enforce the rules. The rules that are clearly posted at the pool and the same rules that are there for our safety and protection. So it really infuriates me when someone gets blatantly nasty and ugly or simply refuses to follow the pool rules.
And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Three soldiers arrived to swim. Each walked up to the sign in sheet and stood ever it, did some writing and then went and placed their towels and such on a chair and got in the pool. I was playing with my kids, so my direct attention was not on them but then Tiny (the head lifeguard who is anything but tiny) called out to the three soldiers asking them to please sign in completely.
Jerk #1: We did. We put our names on the sheet.
Tiny: There are four clearly marked columns; full name, rank, unit and time in.
Jerk #1: We gave you our last names!                
And with that they swam to the deep end. What followed next still angers me. They started griping and complaining, calling Tiny names (names that my children were clearly hearing) and basically making fun of the lifeguards. Now the lifeguard stand is at the shallow end of the pool, the soldiers are at the deep end and I’m sitting on the edge of the pool dead center of the pool. I kept telling myself to just let the jerks be jerks and stay out of it.
Then it happened:
Jerk 1: I mean, this fat prick wants to tell me to give him my f*cking unit after I’m already in the pool?!?
Me: Hey guys, the lifeguards here are only doing their job. Rule 2 on the pool rules say to sign in completely before entering the pool.
Jerk 1: (In total shock) Hey, hey, hey we weren’t saying anything.
Me: So in everyday conversation you talk about someone wanting you to give them your unit before entering the pool.
Jerk 1: Well, no, but you weren’t even in our conversation.
Me: You put me in your conversation when you are talking loud enough and using expletives loud enough for my children to hear you; which brings me to Rule 7 of the Pool Rules – No Profanity. You know, maybe you should familiarize yourself with the Pool Rules.
Jerk 1: We did sign in!
Me: Tiny asked you to fully sign in and you refused to get out the pool.
Jerk 1: No he didn’t.
Tiny: Yes, I did. I asked for all of your information and you refused to give it to me.
Jerk 1: Listen, I gave you my last name!
At this he got out the pool and decided to get in Tiny’s face. Bad move. Tiny kept his cool, even going so far as to show this jerk the sign in roster and pointing out each of the information columns he was supposed to complete.
Jerk 1: I didn’t know you needed all that!
Tiny: It’s clearly marked. In fact Mrs. Matthews signed in ahead of you to give you a clear example to follow by.
At this point he’s in Tiny’s face screaming. Tiny has had all he can take. I mean, this guy at bowing up at him and screaming!
Tiny: That’s it, you’re out of the pool.
Jerk 1: This is bullshit! (Grabbing his towel with his 2 buddies in tow) Total bullshit!
Me: Rule 7, soldier! You need to watch your mouth.
Jerk 1: And YOU (Glaring at me then back at Tiny)! Unbelievable that you’re letting a civilian call us out!
Me: Soldier, watch your mouth! If I’m here it means I’m a dependent and you have no clue as to what my husband’s rank is. Tread lightly!
At this his two buddies find their voice, they start warning him “Shut up, man. Let’s just go. Keep your mouth shut!”
And with that they were gone. I immediately apologized to Tiny.
Me: I’m so sorry. But I had to speak up; they were so disrespectful and talking trash. You guys work too dang hard out here in the hot sun for them to be like that. Especially soldiers, they totally lost their military bearings, and when they started calling you names I couldn’t keep quiet anymore.
Tiny: Mrs. Matthews, you have no need to apologize. You are here a couple times a week, your kids follow all the rules, your friends are always the nicest. We appreciate you. You are welcome here anytime.
And then this:
KK: Hey mommy, what’s a prick?
Me: Awesome!
Tiny: Did she just say what I think she said?
Me: Yep.
Tiny (looking at KK): Why’d you say that?
KK: That’s what those guys were saying.
Tiny: And that’s why Rule 7 is there. Kids copy what they hear.

I was shocked at how these soldiers acted. It’s not typical of soldiers. They were a couple of bad apples. It was shameful, but maybe they’ll think twice if they ever do it again. Others aren’t going to sit by while you are disrespectful and act like idiots!