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Friday, February 15, 2013

I had visitors this morning!

When my kiddos opened our front door this morning to see if it was hot or cold (something they do every morning, this is how they decide what to wear) they were greeted by two great big hairy toothy smelly smiles. Seriously. Two big black Great Pyrenees dogs were there at our door. They were super friendly, super smelly, both had on collars with tracking devices, and both were set on staying.
Hmmmmm..... what to do????
I checked the tags. I didn't recognize the street address but that's nothing new, I don't know most of the streets in the neighborhood. So I called the number. No answer. I left a message, something like "Hey there, my name is Lisa Matthews, I'm over on Glade Street, 1215 to be exact and I have 2 super friendly dogs that want to come back home to you. Call me back, or swing by."
Well, I had to run the kiddos to school so what do I do with the dogs?
I couldn't put them in the back yard with Achilles. So I figured I would put them in the kiddos bathroom for now. I just needed to put the cats away first. But when I opened the front door, Calvin was there wanting to go out.
Calving sees the dogs.
The dogs see Calvin.
Calvin runs back through the house.
The dogs give chase.
Chairs get knocked over.
Sofas get jumped.
Blinds get climbed.
Lamps get broken.
But all ended well.
They weren't "KILL! KILL! KILL!" It was more of a "Oooo! Fun! Something to chase!" Once they had Calvin cornered they stopped, it was like "Well, that was fun, what's next?" Even though they had an opportunity to rip him to shreds.
So I ended up putting them in the garage. I know, I should have put them there in the first place. Don't judge me!
I ran the kids to school. Then looked up the dogs' address in my iPhone and off we went on a walk. It was quite a trek, but we made it.
I rang the doorbell.
And rang the doorbell.
And rang the doorbell.
There was two cars there. But no one was answering the door.
So, I checked the fence, I couldn't see where they got out. I opened the gate and put them back in. I waited a bit. They seemed happy. I set off for my house. I called the owners again, "Hello, it's Lisa Matthews again. I walked the dogs back home and rang the doorbell but it doesn't seem anyone is home. I put the dogs in the backyard. I didn't see any breech. I hope they stay there. Bye."
I walked home, turning down this street and that street, until finally I turned onto Glade Street. I felt like I was being followed.
I turned around.
There they were.
They looked so guilty.
Both of them immediately laid down, head on their paws. I sat down on the curb, trying to decide what to do. There was really only one thing to do.
I stood up, patting my leg, "Come on!" Both dogs bounded over to me. Lets go, you'll hang out with me until your owners come.
I called the owners. "Uh, it's me again. They followed me home. Just come to 1215 Glade Street. That way we know they're safe and sound and not running wild. Bye."
Both dogs happily sat at the gate while I put Achilles inside. Then they made themselves at home in the backyard.
The owners came shortly after that. They were very thankful.
I told them it was no problem, I was glad to do it and that I was just happy they came to dog-friendly house.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hattiesburg Tornado, February 10, 2013

I have lived in many places, being military we moved around a lot. From the summer of 2009 until the summer of 2012 our family lived in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. It's a beautiful town, with southern charm, families that extend back generations. We made a lot friends there, and it was a difficult decision to leave Hattiesburg once my husband retired. We had actually considered staying there, raising our family there, something my Texas husband had never considered doing EVER- so that in itself says something about Hattiesburg.
On 10 February 2013 destruction came to that beautiful, small town in Mississippi in the form of a tornado.
I have heard from several friends. All are okay. Some have house damage, some have vehicle damage. All are in shock.
My friend Susan, who lives there wrote on her on Facebook wall (and I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing this) "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe. Proverbs 18:10 

After witnessing this storm pass right outside our window the ********** are very thankful for our strong tower, our shelter from the storm. Prayers for all those who were not so fortunate!"

Susan once told me "Lisa, you alway have great come-backs, you always know what to say. I wish I did." She was talking about me and my sarcastic come-backs and zingers. Yet, I would trade those "zingers" for her gift of soothing words of encouragement any day. 

Hattiesburg, I pray for you and everyone that is affected by this storm.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This is why I can't sleep.

Last night I went to bed at a reasonable hour, considering it was a Saturday night and Hannah had a friend staying the night, so three giggling girls swore they were staying up ALL NIGHT LONG. Of course, as soon as I get comfy The Hubs begins to snore. He's tried everything; the strips, the mouth piece, sprays,... the list goes on. Nothing helps.
So I abandoned my bed and headed to The Boy's room. He had asked me earlier "When dad snores can you come crash with me?"
But when I went to his room he wasn't there. Hmmm, he must have gone to Hannah's room. Cool. I get the whole bed to myself! Stretching out, I tried to get comfy, but then my mind started doing what it LOVES to do; Hmmm, I doubt the girls would let him crash out with them. OH MY GOSH, I bet aliens took him. That's it. I know he's not in my bed. And he's not in his bed. And he wouldn't be in KK's bed. So the only reasonable explanation is alien abduction. I mean, what if we all get up in the morning and I stumble into the kitchen for coffee and I'm all "Hey, where's Jon?" and the girls are all, "We don't know" and I'm all "I thought he crashed out with you guys" and they are all "No way, he's a boy!" and I'm all "Holy crap, he's been abducted by aliens!"
So I got out of bed and followed the giggling to Hannah's room, "Hey, is Jon in here?"
"No way!"
I instantly broke out in a cold sweat.
KK pipped up "I know where he is!"
(come on kid, the suspense is killing me!)
"Come on momma, follow me." Then she went to the living room and there was The Boy, crashed out on the couch. So I scooped him up and took him back to his room, and snuggled him, because- let's be honest, he was almost abducted by aliens, and I couldn't get the image of him strapped to a cold metal table with a bright light blinding his eyes, or him zooming through space, lightyears away calling for me. Ugh, horrible, just horrible.
Yea, you try sleeping when you have those imaging flashing through your mind of your kiddo.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No I'm not turning into one of those crazy ladies who paints their cat's nails, this was done out of necessity.

Last week we got a leather couch, we have always had fabric couches, and we have never really freaked out when the cats clawed them. Shame on us.
So with the arrival of this nice couch that had to change.
As soon as the couch arrived 'Rabi ran into the living room, a smile literally spreading onto her furry little face, you could just tell she was saying "For me? Really? It's the biggest scratching post I've ever had! Here, let me try it out!"
And she did.
And we freaked.
She looked at us like "What's your deal? You get me this cool scratching post and then expect me not to use it? Pffft!"
So I searched the internet trying to see what we could do, we don't want to declaw the cats.
We came across "Soft Paws". So we tried them out. It took 4 days, 4 DAYS!!!! to get these on 'Rabi. She hates being held to get loved on, forget being held so that you can clip her nails and shove nail covers on claws.
But it was finally done.
What do you think:
And yes, she typically lays in chip box. Apparently it's comfy.