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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No I'm not turning into one of those crazy ladies who paints their cat's nails, this was done out of necessity.

Last week we got a leather couch, we have always had fabric couches, and we have never really freaked out when the cats clawed them. Shame on us.
So with the arrival of this nice couch that had to change.
As soon as the couch arrived 'Rabi ran into the living room, a smile literally spreading onto her furry little face, you could just tell she was saying "For me? Really? It's the biggest scratching post I've ever had! Here, let me try it out!"
And she did.
And we freaked.
She looked at us like "What's your deal? You get me this cool scratching post and then expect me not to use it? Pffft!"
So I searched the internet trying to see what we could do, we don't want to declaw the cats.
We came across "Soft Paws". So we tried them out. It took 4 days, 4 DAYS!!!! to get these on 'Rabi. She hates being held to get loved on, forget being held so that you can clip her nails and shove nail covers on claws.
But it was finally done.
What do you think:
And yes, she typically lays in chip box. Apparently it's comfy.