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Friday, April 27, 2012

Making pretties again......

I've been thinking about making more scrabble tile necklaces, I definitely have a ton of supplies. But I can't get a certain bracelet idea out of my head. So I headed to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some supplies. I got a little sidetracked, so many beads and charms and shiny things!!!
But I did finish what I really set out to make:
I love how it turned out!!!! Jon's number is "10", the same number his daddy was when he played.

Then I made some extras:

 This one is awesome!!!!

This one says 'made with love', I made it for Hannah. I hope she loves it!

I made these for myself. LOVE!!!!

I love this one as well. 

They were fun and easy to make. I plan on making more pretties soon! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I love a good laugh!

When my Tiny-cat does this:

I pretend she's yelling at me.

I love a good laugh, my kids keep me laughing all the time. 
I love checking out for other things that make chuckle.
Here are some postings from that site that got me laughing (well sometimes):

That cracks me up.

That would traumatize me!

 Smart kid!!

I need one of these!


And then there were other things that amazed me:


These three survivors did not meet until 2006.

This is a picture of bone caner.

Okay and there is always at least one pic on that I wish I had NEVER seen, this is one:

 I hate spiders!

That's all for today, see you again soon!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids really don't care, don't interrupt their card playing!

The kids were sitting at the kitchen table playing “Go Fish” with KK’s deck of “Princess cards”. The only problem: it wasn’t a full deck.

Me: Hey guys, whatcha doing?
KK: Playing Go Fish.
Me: You know you’re missing some cards, right?
KK: Yep.
Me: Sooooo, that means all the cards won’t have a match.
KK: Oh, it doesn’t matter, we never finish a game anyway.
Me: Did you ever think that maybe you don’t finish a game because you can’t finish a game when you’re missing cards?
But by this time they had turned their attention back to the cards and were ignoring me. In about three minutes they had abandoned the game and had moved on to a game of “Does this hurt?” It’s a great game that brothers and sisters have played for centuries I’m sure.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I really could talk to a brick wall, seriously I'll talk to anyone!

The girls and I were sitting in Pizza Inn having lunch when three cops came in; they were in a cheerful mood, chatty even.
I happen to be up at the pizzas when two of them walked up.  Sometimes I wish I could control the things that come of the mouth. Sometimes….

Me: Sure could have used you guys at the ballpark last night.
Cop 1: Really? Which ballpark?
Me: Larry Doleac.
Cop 2: The little league fields?
Me: Yep.
Cop 2: Something happen?
Me: We got robbed.
Cop 1 (wide eyed): Did you report it?
Me: Don’t really see a reason.
Cop 1: Why?
Me: What’s done is done.
Cop 2: But you got ROBBED?
Me: Yep, just the ump making one bad call after another (then I shook my head).
Cop 1 looks at Cop 2, then both started laughing, Cop 1 punched me on the arm a little too hard for my liking and said : You had us going there.
I’m pretty sure I could have pressed charges for police brutality, but I let him go with a warning glare.
Then they went back to their table and retold the story to Cop 3, who got a good laugh out of it.
Glad someone’s laughing. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a voodoo doll to make in the likeness of a certain umpire. If anyone has any stickpins laying around I sure could use them. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I decided to go to go through my purse and share my findings with you, you may need therapy, or maybe I do. Yea, I’m pretty sure I do. Hey, let’s go together!

I get teased that I carry such a big purse. I do carry around a lot of stuff. But I always think that I NEED that “stuff”.
So as I lugged that abomination back into the house this morning after dropping the kids off at school I dumped the contents of said purse out onto the living room floor and separated everything out.
What I found was enlightening.
Allow me to share.

This is the full contents:
Yea, not so bad right?
Let's break it down.

That's right. I have 6 antibacs in there. Hmmm.  And yes, that is TEN lip glosses. I realize I have an addiction. And no, I have no interest in seeking any type of therapy for this one here. The antibac, sure, let's talk about it. But I love my gloss. Leave me alone. If you search my make up bag and my bathroom drawers you are sure to find approximately 40 more, give or take 10. 
Also, KK is known to swipe them and hide them away and gloss her lips. This is one reason I love lip gloss. I adore it, and my kiddo does not look like trash when she puts it on. But I'm not judging anyone here. Pinky swear!


Perfumes!!!! And yes, You see eight of them. Well, you see five perfumes, 2 body mists and a lotion. Now each of these have a purpose. The Estee Lauder Goddess is for when I'm outside. It's awesome, it's beachee. Then the Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude is just soft, and .... uh, just go smell it. The lotion is Sensuous Nude, and the Small Roll on with the pink lettering is Sensuous Nude as well. (Ok, so maybe I should jus use the purse size roll on and leave the full size at home). Then there is the Coach spray. This is just classic, and sometimes I just feel like wearing it. The body spray is BBW Sensual Amber, it's awesome. And KK has a horrible gag reflex. So when we go into a super stinky public restroom I spray that and she is able to hurry-up-quick-use-the-bathroom-and-get-out-before-she-throws-up. So it has a great purpose! The big body spray is Victoria's Secret Candy Baby Body Spray and it smells just like cotton candy. Hannah loves this stuff. I also have the body lotion, so I get bonus points for not having that in my purse, right???


Of course I carry a Sharpie. Corey almost lost it when he needed one before the first Little League game of the season and I couldn't find it, luckily Gloria and Jack came through and had a Sharpie.  And yes, that is a full sized book you see there. Right now I reading "White Girl Problems". I'm not that into it, I gotta tell ya the truth. *sigh* The next stack is gum, an birthday invitation for KK, some coupons to Justice and Aero, and some Little League game info. 

More important stuff. Like Tums, candy (for church), Advil, First Aid Balm, Badger Headache Soother, Topamax, Tissues, and Jon's rescue inhaler. 

Okay, here is my wallet, my my change purse, and my ... well, that yellow thing carries "stuff".... you'll see. Then there are "wisps", for when the kids forget to brush their teeth, and we are out at town or where ever, and I see that their teeth are disgusting. Now they have no excuses, I make them go brush their teeth. And, of course, lens cleaner.

The big change purse:

Ah, would you look at that, another lip gloss! Surprise, surprise! And a hair clip (believe it or not that color looks great on me!) and $16.36, yes, I counted it. Why do I have that much change on me? I have no clue. This could be one of many reasons my purse is so dang heavy.

Onto the small change purse:

Little items I was afraid would get lost! Two bracelets, a pair of Justice monkey earrings, and q star earring (because I lost one - I won't tell Hannah if you don't), a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams". I also now know how to say 'spring' in chinese, and I also know my lucky numbers, but I'm not telling you them.  There are also three hair bands, and Tiny-cat's rabies vaccination tags. 

Well, there you have it. The purse of a mad woman.

These things are clear:

1.  I love lip gloss.
2.  I hate germs.
C. I hate counting.
4.  I love smellies.
5.  I keep enough change in my change purse so that all my kiddos have 3 turns on the claw machine (ah-ha!!! the truth comes out!).
6.  Obviously I have had a hysterectomy because as you see there are no tampons or napkins in there, also there is no Midol or Pamprin. And for that I am happy!
7.  If you scroll back up to the top you will notice I forgot to take a secondary pic with my iPhone in it, this is craziness, because if you know me then you know I love my iPhone. Obviously I do need therapy. I'll make the appointment. It'll be a group therapy appointment. Meet you there?

Monday, April 9, 2012

I saw my doctor today, I think that as soon as he sees me he leaves his office and goes and sees his therapist. Seriously.

Doc: Hey, Ms. Matthews. How are you today?
Me: Dying.
Doc: Still? Seems like that’s been going on for a while.
Me: Get your chuckles in now, doc, I'll be pushing up daisies soon.
Doc: Well, that's a shame. So how are the headaches?
Me: I need a CT Scan.
Doc: No.
Me: It wasn’t a request.
Doc: You really don’t need one.
Me: I’m telling you; something isn’t right in my head.
Doc: Well, we can agree on that.
Me: Oh, good one, Howie Mandel, now do your job and fix me.
Doc: You have migraines; you’re just prone to them, sorry. The meds you are on should help alleviate the worst of them.
Me: I’m also going through early menopause.
Doc: No you’re not.
Me: How do you know? You haven’t even heard any of my symptoms!
Doc: Okay, tell me why you think you are going through menopause.
Me: I’m horribly cranky all the time.
Doc: That’s just you.
Me: Haha.
Doc: And?
Me: I’m bloated.
Doc: No, you need to diet and start exercising.
Me: Well, thanks for not coming right out and calling me fat.
Doc: Any other "symptoms"?
Me: YES! I’m having hot flashes.
Doc: No, you’re just mad at me and getting frustrated.
Me: ***squinting my eyes at him***
Doc: What are you doing?
Me: Putting a voodoo hex on you.
Doc: Serious?
Me: Serious!
Doc: ***squinting at me***
Me: Oh no you didn’t!!!
Doc: Oh yes I did!
Me: I feel a migraine coming on.
Doc: Then my hex is working already.
Me: You just broke your Hippocratic oath!
Doc: **smiling widely** Anything else I can do for you today, Ms. Matthews?
Me: Order me a CT Scan????
Doc: Nope.
Me: Fine, then just refill my ‘scripts.
Doc: Happy to do it! (turns to his computers and taps away, then turns back to me) Okay, you're all set. You have a great day! 
Me: Not so fast, undo your hex.
Doc: You undo yours first.
Me: We'll do it at the same time!
Doc: Deal.

And in perfect timing with me he blinked his eyes twice. This is why I love this guy.

For the record, I have never had a doctor this awesome, and I doubt I will ever find one quite like this one!

Friday, April 6, 2012

My kids held an Easter Bunny intervention on me, I think I took it pretty well.

Every year I pull off Easter like a pro. I hide their baskets and all the fillings like a pirate hiding their booty. I sneak into the living room in the wee hours and lay out baskets, goodies and a new Easter outfit for church. I'm awesome. Maybe I'm more excited than the offspring. Who knows. They sleepily drag themselves in to see their baskets, they play, they compare what each as gotten. Then, of course, they model their outfits and we head out for church for some worship and a great big egg hunt. It's great fun.
Typically I get the kids up to the mall for pictures with the Easter Bunny.
This year was no different. I have had their baskets picked out and hidden away since they were first put out in stores which was December 26th. I kiiiiiiiid! It was February 15th. Serious. But hey, if you don't grab 'em early all the good ones get snatched up. And I can't have that. I picked great big huge buckets this year so we can take them to the beach this summer. So they have aren't just for Easter, I'm thrifty like that, folks.
Anyway, onto the intervention.
I'm sitting in the living room minding my own business when all three kids stroll in and plop down in front of me. I'm in the middle of a wicked game of the Bubble Witch Saga, but they were demanding my attention. So I grudgingly put down my computer and screamed "WHAT???? WHAT NOW???? FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY WHAT?"
Okay, that didn't happen; they came in and plopped down in front of me and typically if they are all together and they aren't screaming bloody murder at each other then something is broken or possibly a cat's dead. So I was a tad bit nervous, "What's up, chicken butts?"
Jon: You don't have to hide the Easter stuff.
Me: Huh?
Hannah: *huge sigh* The Easter stuff, Mom.
Me: Huh?
Jon: You don't have to hide any of the stuff you put in our baskets.
Me: Huh? (can you see a pattern here?)
KK: Mom, we know there isn't an Easter bunny, it's okay.
Me: Whuuuuuhhh? (yea, I'm just speechless)
Jon: Mom, we know that you are the one that fills our baskets.
Me: But, but, yea, but....
Hannah: We know the real reason for Easter, mama.
Me: Oh.
KK: On Good Friday Jesus was crucified on the cross, he died for our sins.
Jon: On Easter Sunday he arose from the dead.
Hannah: Just like he said he would, just like it was promised.
Me:  *blank stare, mouth agape*
Jon: The Easter bunny is just for fun. But you can still fill our Easter baskets.
KK: Yea!
Jon: You just don't have to try so hard to keep the stuff hidden from us.
Hannah: *leaning in to kiss my cheek* Love you mama!

And with that they ran out of the room to go play (or to go torture each other, which is actually more accurate).

I was shocked, and proud, at the same time.