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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids really don't care, don't interrupt their card playing!

The kids were sitting at the kitchen table playing “Go Fish” with KK’s deck of “Princess cards”. The only problem: it wasn’t a full deck.

Me: Hey guys, whatcha doing?
KK: Playing Go Fish.
Me: You know you’re missing some cards, right?
KK: Yep.
Me: Sooooo, that means all the cards won’t have a match.
KK: Oh, it doesn’t matter, we never finish a game anyway.
Me: Did you ever think that maybe you don’t finish a game because you can’t finish a game when you’re missing cards?
But by this time they had turned their attention back to the cards and were ignoring me. In about three minutes they had abandoned the game and had moved on to a game of “Does this hurt?” It’s a great game that brothers and sisters have played for centuries I’m sure.