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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I decided to go to go through my purse and share my findings with you, you may need therapy, or maybe I do. Yea, I’m pretty sure I do. Hey, let’s go together!

I get teased that I carry such a big purse. I do carry around a lot of stuff. But I always think that I NEED that “stuff”.
So as I lugged that abomination back into the house this morning after dropping the kids off at school I dumped the contents of said purse out onto the living room floor and separated everything out.
What I found was enlightening.
Allow me to share.

This is the full contents:
Yea, not so bad right?
Let's break it down.

That's right. I have 6 antibacs in there. Hmmm.  And yes, that is TEN lip glosses. I realize I have an addiction. And no, I have no interest in seeking any type of therapy for this one here. The antibac, sure, let's talk about it. But I love my gloss. Leave me alone. If you search my make up bag and my bathroom drawers you are sure to find approximately 40 more, give or take 10. 
Also, KK is known to swipe them and hide them away and gloss her lips. This is one reason I love lip gloss. I adore it, and my kiddo does not look like trash when she puts it on. But I'm not judging anyone here. Pinky swear!


Perfumes!!!! And yes, You see eight of them. Well, you see five perfumes, 2 body mists and a lotion. Now each of these have a purpose. The Estee Lauder Goddess is for when I'm outside. It's awesome, it's beachee. Then the Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude is just soft, and .... uh, just go smell it. The lotion is Sensuous Nude, and the Small Roll on with the pink lettering is Sensuous Nude as well. (Ok, so maybe I should jus use the purse size roll on and leave the full size at home). Then there is the Coach spray. This is just classic, and sometimes I just feel like wearing it. The body spray is BBW Sensual Amber, it's awesome. And KK has a horrible gag reflex. So when we go into a super stinky public restroom I spray that and she is able to hurry-up-quick-use-the-bathroom-and-get-out-before-she-throws-up. So it has a great purpose! The big body spray is Victoria's Secret Candy Baby Body Spray and it smells just like cotton candy. Hannah loves this stuff. I also have the body lotion, so I get bonus points for not having that in my purse, right???


Of course I carry a Sharpie. Corey almost lost it when he needed one before the first Little League game of the season and I couldn't find it, luckily Gloria and Jack came through and had a Sharpie.  And yes, that is a full sized book you see there. Right now I reading "White Girl Problems". I'm not that into it, I gotta tell ya the truth. *sigh* The next stack is gum, an birthday invitation for KK, some coupons to Justice and Aero, and some Little League game info. 

More important stuff. Like Tums, candy (for church), Advil, First Aid Balm, Badger Headache Soother, Topamax, Tissues, and Jon's rescue inhaler. 

Okay, here is my wallet, my my change purse, and my ... well, that yellow thing carries "stuff".... you'll see. Then there are "wisps", for when the kids forget to brush their teeth, and we are out at town or where ever, and I see that their teeth are disgusting. Now they have no excuses, I make them go brush their teeth. And, of course, lens cleaner.

The big change purse:

Ah, would you look at that, another lip gloss! Surprise, surprise! And a hair clip (believe it or not that color looks great on me!) and $16.36, yes, I counted it. Why do I have that much change on me? I have no clue. This could be one of many reasons my purse is so dang heavy.

Onto the small change purse:

Little items I was afraid would get lost! Two bracelets, a pair of Justice monkey earrings, and q star earring (because I lost one - I won't tell Hannah if you don't), a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams". I also now know how to say 'spring' in chinese, and I also know my lucky numbers, but I'm not telling you them.  There are also three hair bands, and Tiny-cat's rabies vaccination tags. 

Well, there you have it. The purse of a mad woman.

These things are clear:

1.  I love lip gloss.
2.  I hate germs.
C. I hate counting.
4.  I love smellies.
5.  I keep enough change in my change purse so that all my kiddos have 3 turns on the claw machine (ah-ha!!! the truth comes out!).
6.  Obviously I have had a hysterectomy because as you see there are no tampons or napkins in there, also there is no Midol or Pamprin. And for that I am happy!
7.  If you scroll back up to the top you will notice I forgot to take a secondary pic with my iPhone in it, this is craziness, because if you know me then you know I love my iPhone. Obviously I do need therapy. I'll make the appointment. It'll be a group therapy appointment. Meet you there?