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Friday, December 9, 2011

Maybe I knocked on particle board and not real wood. That would explain it.

Everything has been going along smooth as glass since Jon’s tonsils were removed. We really hoped that it would clear up a lot of his illnesses. And he hasn’t needed a breathing treatment even once since the surgery, so The Hubs and I have been doing a happy dance around here.  It’s been a relief.
Then last night KK started this hacking cough. I gave her some cough meds and sent her back to bed – let me correct myself; I sent her back to lay down with Hannah. She’s been crashing out in there lately. We really need to nip that in the bud but … yea, that hasn’t happened yet. She was still coughing when I got up to see if we had any Tussionex left from when Jon got sick last. It has codeine in it but it stops the cough and helps the kiddo sleep. I’m standing in front of the fridge when she walks in and vomits all over the floor – twice. Awesome. I help her to the bathroom to clean her up, change her clothes and get her to her own room (which is right next to the bathroom). As I’m cleaning up the mess in the kitchen she comes in to inform me she got sick in bed.
“That’s okay, sweetie, mommy will clean it up.” I went to her room but her bed was clean. “There’s no vomit here, honey.”
“Not here, in Hannah’s room.”
Uh-oh. I hurried in there and the smell hit me. I turned on the bedside lamp to discover the comforter that Hannah is snuggled up with has piles of vomit covering it. I wake her up and check her for any vomit, seeing that she doesn’t have any on her I tell her she will have to sleep in my room so I can wash the sheets and comforter. Off she shuffles to my room as I strip the bed, walking around the bed I step in a gooey puddle. Yuck!!!! More vomit!
LOTS of cleaning later I check on KK, she is sleeping soundly in her bed. I wash my feet (again) and decide to crash out with Jon. Sleep comes immediately.  About 3 a.m. my eyes fly open. I can hear Jon wheezing. No, no, no! This is not happening! I reach over and lay my hand on his chest; his heartbeat is wild, too fast. I listen to his breathing: shallow and quick. My heart absolutely breaks.
I get up and start setting up his nebulizer. Since he is sleeping well I can at least get it going with the mask attachment and hold it up to him so he breathes it in. While I am holding the mask up him I whisper “Nice deep breaths buddy. Slow down your breathing. Nice and slow.”  It works.
At 6:30 he woke up, his temp was 101.3 I gave him a dose of Motrin and another breathing treatment.
KK got up feeing tons better, thank goodness.
Looks like I have 2 kids home today. I really didn’t have anything better to do. Really.