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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reasons for Being MIA

I have lots of reasons for not posting things lately. Like:

Back-to-school shopping has left me braindead
My insomnia is kicking my rear
I'm trying to enjoy the last few weeks of school
My own schoolwork is breaking me down
I'm preparing for the zombie apocalypse
I don't have that much exciting stuff to talk about

I take that back, I do have stuff to write about, but when I sit down to express those thoughts they all fly out the window and my Blog-ADD sets in. So there's that.

Today Hannah gets her cast off. She is excited, I am nervous. At her three week appointment the doc noticed that the bone did in fact buckle, leaving her arm looking like a crooked walking stick. So if it doesn't look a whole lot better today they will have to go ahead and schedule her for surgery to fix the problem. Which sux, because if they would have just done that in the first place then we'd be getting ready to take off THAT cast right about now and she'd have no worries for school. But that just isn't the case, so I can't dwell on that.

And now, I leave you because I just heard the girls banging on the bathroom door while their brother was trying to use it, to which he yelled "Just wait until I get out of here, my superpowers are NO match to yours."  Just what every mother wants to hear.