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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In My Heart I’m Still Sitting Pool-side in Texas

Two weekends ago we went to Texas to pick up Jon. When his PawPaw and GeGe had come to Kosciusko three weekends ago to watch the State Little League Championships that Corey’s team was in and they took him back with them. I know! How exciting!
Last year KK got to go spend a week with them and this year was Jon’s turn. And he made it all week! My quiet little man made it. And I think it did him a whole, lotta good! You see here at home he is surrounded by girls; it’s just too much for the little guy. So he got to spend just about every single day with his cousin (same age) Eric. And since both of them have terrific imaginations and love to use it they really hit it off!
Our plan was to drive to Texas on Friday, spend Saturday with family and then drive home on Sunday. That way Corey had Monday to recuperate before heading back to work on Tuesday. But we had such a good time on Saturday, spending time with the kids in the pool, grilling out some YUMMY food, and basically having just a really great time with the family that we did not want to leave. So The Hubs relented and said we’d stay the extra day! Yay!
We had such a great time with PawPaw and GeGe. And The Hubs’ brother, Matt, and his wife, Laura, came over and brought his nieces with them. These two girls were so courteous. And our kids adored them. They had a wonderful time. And Corey’s super wondiferous sister Jill came over and brought her two boys and it was so nice to just get together and have a good time!
No yelling, no whining, just smiles! It was a house full of kids having good old summertime fun!

And a huge milestone: KK started swimming without her water wings. We are so proud!

I'm already ready to go back. Right now. And the kids are ready as well. I am so ready to move back to Texas!