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Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking Back We Can Laugh, When it was Happening – it Was TOTALLY TERRORFYING, But Now - It’s Funny!

So last night we let the kids stay up and watch the finale of Falling Skies. It was way past sun-down, pitch black outside, but the porch light was on. I had just made the comment that I had thought I had saw someone on the porch, and I stick by that statement. So our nerves were a little on edge. I got up to lock the side door since I knew the front door was locked. Jon went to look out the front doors and Corey remained firmly planted on his big comfy chair.
What came out of Jon was pure terror, “There’s someone out there! He’s out there!” He was so scared he could barely get the words out. He ran for me, I ran to the front door and screamed “Get out of here! You leave right this minute! The cops are on the way!” I then run for the phone to call 911 (Yea, yea, I know, but it’s not like the intruder would have known the difference) and yelled for Corey to get his rear end up, the girls ran for their designated safe spot. I found Corey’s phone first but for the life of me I can’t get the thing to work, so I run to him – he is now on the porch in the  “I Am The Man Of This House” stance – you know the one; standing tall, chest puffed out, hands on his hips. I thrust the phone at him and tell him I can’t get it to work.
I rush back in to Jon, who is so scared he is shaking and crying, he keeps saying things like “It was horrible”, and “He was so ugly”. I’m trying to calm him down but I know Corey is going to need a description for the cops, “Jon, I need you to calm down and tell me exactly what he looked like. Daddy needs to tell the cops. What did he look like?”
Hiccupping through his tears Jon says “Black….black.”
“Ok, he was black?”
“Kind of.”
“Kind of black and grey.” *sob*”Big” *sob*”Armadillo!”
“Jon, are you telling me you saw an armadillo on the porch and not a man?”
Holy crap! I run to Corey, who is now talking to the 911 dispatcher. “Corey, um, he saw an armadillo. Not a man.”
Corey: “What?”
Me: “He saw an armadillo and it scared him.”
Corey: “I’m sorry, ma’am, my son saw an armadillo on the porch, not a man. Again, I’m sorry.” Long pause. “Yes, I’m sure I don’t need a patrol car. He just got spooked by an animal. Sorry.”
Well, that was interesting.
In Jon’s defense, if I was a little kid and I went to the front door and I saw a big armadillo looking back at me I would have freaked, too.
In the dark armadillos can look like this:

And then in the daylight they look like this:

So, how was your weekend?