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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seriously? Can I get some privacy?

When I was a kid still living at home I had an older sister. We lived in a modest 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Central Florida, my parents still reside in that same house. My sister and I shared the hallway bath while the other bath was the master bath. It was the typical setting for a house that size. Any time I would head into the bathroom within 20 seconds my older sister would appear just outside the door and bang on it demanding that I “Get out! Get out now! I need in there” with lots of long sighs and exasperated loud breaths and death threats. After graduation and entering the adult world my roommates took off where my sister left off.
And it’s not like I spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I was never one to spend tons of time on makeup. Or curl and style my hair. Usually I just brushed my hair, threw it up in a ponytail and was happy.
When I got married my husband took over interrupting my bathroom time. Then when the kids came along I never got a moments peace. As soon as the bathroom door closed it was like a trigger, “Mom! Mom, where are you!” And then the knocking would start. Then little fingers would appear under the door. “Momma, are you in there? What are you doing?” “Mom, can I come in?” “Why can’t I come in there with you?” “Moooooommmaaaaaaa, pleeeeeeeeeezzze.” And the crying, oh the horrible crying and the tears.
Now that they are a little bit older they are starting to understand that sometimes mom just needs a little peace and quiet, especially when I am in the bathroom. And I think my husband finally understands to just leave me be (for the most part) when I go in the bathroom and close the door firmly, it’s like an exclamation point.
But now I have another issue, a little furry issue that just doesn’t understand that mommy wants to be alone in the bathroom.
I mean seriously?