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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary Calvin! It’s been a Great Year!

Yes, this post is dedicated to my kitty-cat.
I can’t believe just one year ago I was BEGGING the shelter to let me adopt you. They said you were a “hard adoption” and had “behavior issues” and was slated for “extermination” as if you were some sort of pest. And all I could see was this little ball of fur in need of love and understanding. How could a 4 month old little kitten already have such a horrible reputation? They agreed to allow me adopt you (though I believe I heard one of the shelter workers say something about me waiving my rights of ever bringing you back) and I dubbed you “Calvin” after my favorite cartoon character in “Calvin and Hobbes”. And oh how you have lived up to our namesake. But I wouldn't have it any other way! You have found you fur-ever home!!!
You have made yourself right at home with us.

Spent plenty of time in “time-out”.

Learned your limit to stay on the porch and venture no further even if there is a bird in the tree out in the yard.

You enjoy your “happy place” after a long day of playing.

You have developed a love of warm boxer shorts fresh out of the dryer.

And a weird love of baths.

You are always daddy’s wingman when he plays video games…


And you know just when the kids need your cuddles and love and always keep them safe at night.

So today’s your day, buddy! Party it up!

We love you! I look forward to spending the rest of your days with you and making your the happiest cat in the world!