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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bedtime Stories Make me Laugh!

Bedtime stories are the best time of the evening around here. I love my quiet, wind-down time with the kids. It’s great. I let each of the kids pick out a book and we snuggle down and read it. Jon likes to participate in the book reading. And that’s okay with me.
We were reading “I Love My Mommy Because” the other night, it has pictures of baby animals and their mommies with them. Each page says something cute and special like “I love my mommy because she cleans me” and it has a mommy cat with a kitten and the mommy cat it licking the kitten. Aaawe, how cute. Right?
So on each page I point to each animal and ask him what kind of animal it is and he does his best to answer it correct. We get to the page with a hen and a bunch of chicks and I ask him “Okay, what is that?” pointing at the hen.
“A chicken!” Yep, he’s a genius.
Then I point to the baby chicks and say, “And those?”
To which The Boy answers “I’m just gonna call them chicken nuggets!”
He's got a way with words.