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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little League is Dangerous to Your Health!

Last night we had a game up at the ballpark and even though it was hotter than hades we headed out ready to play some ball.

Corey, being Coach and all, was up on the pitcher’s mound and was viciously attacked by the other team. Okay, that didn’t happen. The catcher threw the ball to Corey, but one of the other players was all like “Hey I’ll catch this ball!” and tried to jump up and catch it, only she didn’t. What she did manage to do was send that flying ball directly into my husband’s nose. So, it was kind of a vicious attack.

Anyway, Corey went down like a sack of potatoes and I ran onto the field. By the time I got there there was a pretty good amount of blood coming from his nose and the ump was yelling for ice.  We managed to get him into the dugout and ice it and clean him up. I said “Let’s go to the hospital cuz that sucker’s broke as broke can be.”

But Corey, being Corey, refused to leave the team. He got his nose to stop bleeding and before the end of that same inning was right back on the field.  Wow.

Here’s a picture of his grotesque face, it’s hideous I tell ya, just hideous.

I was proud that he stayed out there with the team and played out the game. That’s just the way he is.

Since I broke my nose 2 years ago and it’s still a little offset I joked and said “Hey now we have matching noses!” And then I got all nervous because he rolled his eyes at me his eyes rolled around in his head and I was pretty sure he was having a delayed seizure from the ball hitting him. Weird.

By this morning he was getting black eyes.

We went out to eat and I thought about talking down to him and being really mean trying to make the waiter think I was beating him up and stuff, but then thought I better not.

On the way home I tried to get him to say “Adrianne! Adrianne!” in a Rocky Balboa voice but the strangest thing happened; it was like he had another mini-seizure. Maybe he should get that looked at, I’m a little worried.