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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lessons From Little Kids

I decided that I’d start (every once in a while, I mean, let’s not over do this!) handing this blog over to one of my kiddos who can give us grown-ups some advice.  Kids can be pretty pure of heart, and to tell you the truth I think we can learn a lesson or two from them.
This lesson here is from my son, who is only seven year old.
Tonight his dad and he decided to go out and play catch. The Boy’s baseball season is over for now, but this household loves the game. Well, Jon missed the ball and it smacked him in the eye (maybe we’re all klutzes around here. Let’s not forget Corey’s broken nose that is STILL healing!).
Check it out:

Poor little guy.
So after Jon cleans up and is playing Angry Birds he looks thoughtfully at me and says “You know, mom, dad didn’t even say he was sorry. Even grown-ups should say sorry when they do something wrong.”
ABSOLUTELY!!!  So that’s this week’s lessons: grown-ups listen up: SAY SORRY WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG OR HURT SOMEBODY (even if it’s an accident). Kids do pay attention and it means something to them to hear it. Two little words that mean so much; I’m sorry.