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Monday, May 30, 2011

Better-than-Picasso Artwork

I love when my kids decide to get all creative. Be messy, I don’t care. We’ll clean it up, sometime. We hit up Books-A-Million the other night and the kids made a beeline for the kids section. The Boy started checking out stuffed animals, which was totally expected. He found a Gary the Snail from the Sponge Bob cartoon series. It was love at first sight.
Hannah found a poodle dog. She was checking out a diary, but when The Boy was oooing and aaaahing over stuffed animals she aborted her mission for a diary and started checking out the beanie babies and Ty babies, what can I say she is easily swayed.
KK on the other hand loves Melissa and Doug I do, too. They have the greatest stuff. We have their coloring pads (every assortment possible), pencils, markers, crayons, and are now branching out into their DIY kits. KK found their “decorate your own piggy bank”. Pretty cool. A little clay pig, paint, glitter and a 5 year old. What could go wrong? SOLD!
It was tons of fun. I did make her decorate it on the front porch. She never dropped it, she didn’t accidentally paint my chairs, or cushions, or her sister. The finished product was gorgeous.

And there was paint left over for each of them to make a beautiful painting for their mother.
See for yourself.



KK's is a painting of the piggy bank she just painted. And EXACT replica, if I do say so myself.

And yes, they will be framed and proudly displayed on the walls of our home, just like their other artwork. Who needs Picasso when I have the three greatest artists I’ve ever known?!?