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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Have Just a Tiny Bit of Envy

One of my besties (as a matter of fact I AM a 12 year old girl) just left on a cruise to Mexico. I am absolutely thrilled for her and can think of nobody else who is more deserving than her to go on this vacation. She is a great mom, great wife (so I’m told, I have no video proof, I swear, there’s way too many pointy bushes outside her bedroom windows), and a super great friend. Plus just the thought of getting on the remake of the Titanic a big ship makes my heart rate speed up and makes me have a bit of an anxiety attack(don’t judge me, you don’t know me!) I love that she is going to be enjoying herself. Plus I hope she takes a bazillion pictures, comes back and tells me every single minute of it and then I can live vicariously through her. And if she doesn’t go down in an icy oceanic grave then maybe I’ll be brave enough actually go a cruise …..someday … …..when I’m 65, or 70. I kid! I’d totally go sooner than that! Like 55.
And guess who she has entrusted her 3 “man’s woman’sbest friend’s” with? ME! That’s who!
I also get to feed her chicken. Chickens crack me up. Something about those eyes and how the scratch the ground. It’s just comical to me.
Her three dogs are the coolest. And though I don’t wanna pick favorites (like with your kids, you never want to pick a favorite! Remember that! Never ever pick a favorite kid! The other ones can tell, then they get jealous and will start biting the favorite! It’s true with kids AND dogs!) just take a look at Fred:

Those eyes! They pierce my soul!