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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Little Dirty Secret

Here lately I’ve developed a small addiction. Nothing like carrying a small flask around with me, or hiding little blue pills in the laundry detergent (yes, I watch Nurse Jackie!). No, my addiction is far, far worse. I spite bid on eBay. And yes, I just heard a collective gasp coming from America right this very second as my dirty little secret was revealed.
Now I do sell a lot on eBay. I clean out the closets, get rid of the kids clothes they have outgrown, sell off the video games they find “too baby-ish”, and even auction off sports gear they no longer use like Hannah and Kim’s soccer gear from when they oh-so wanted to play so very, very much because it would SO MUCH FUN! But then after just one game Hannah exclaimed “I’d really rather be goalie, they may get hit with balls but they don’t have to run.” And on another blog I’ll have to tell you about Kim and her run with soccer (too funny).
Anyway it’s not like I’m spending the grocery money on eBay junk. But I will admit as soon as I make the money I’m bidding it on something. It’s like I have a gambling issue.
So I troll the eBay “aisles” checking out all the cute outfits for kids (yea, that’s my vice), one will catch my eye, I’ll put it on my “watch list”…..and there it sits. I have my set ways. It will sit there until about an hour or so before the auction ends, then I pounce. I bid on it. But always, ALWAYS there’s someone out there who is trying to bring me down.
Now I know what you are saying, “Lisa, that is the point of these auctions. For the seller to make the most money, that’s the way it is.”
Nay-nay I say! You see, I envision this evil lady on the other side of the world (or at least the States) personally out to get what is rightfully mine. She’s probably dressed in total black, the right side of her hair is black the left is a freakish white, she’s taking drags off a slender cigarette (yea, yea, I know my nemesis looks like Disney's Cruella Deville) she’s hunched over her computer upping her bid amounts with her blood red acrylic nails. Also, in my mind, she has three nannies that are taking care of her brats kids while I am the one who takes care of mine so I deserve to win the auction. Case closed.  And I will do whatever I can do, make that: whatever I MUST do to WIN THAT AUCTION!!!!
So, yea, there ya have it, now I gotta check on those auctions I have on my “watch list”.  My bidding finger’s getting itchy.