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Thursday, March 1, 2012

This isn’t good…..

After I wrote my blog posting yesterday I got the dreaded call from school that KK was sick. Really? She had to come home from school early on Monday (sick) and I kept her home on Tuesday just to be on the safe side. But she was fine when I sent her to school that morning. So I got to school and KK was sitting there looking pathetic as ever. I hugged her, signed her out and came home where she immediately asked for a pallet to be made in the living room floor and requested to watch Dolphin Tale.

Let me tell you that KK will vomit over anything. I mean, she can’t even go into most public restrooms without gagging or vomiting. She can’t see a booger without vomiting (which The Boy tortures her with many times).  So after a bit she was feeling fine – turns out that one of the boys in the class has a runny nose, and he’d let the snot run down and then he’d lick it off his top lip. So this grossed KK out so bad that she gagged and vomited. Poor kid.

So she’s running back and forth from the living room to the kitchen where I am making some more necklaces to go with their scrabble tile pendants (yes, I know I promised pics and I will get them posted!!!), she’s informing me about what is taking place in the movie, even though I have seen it (great movie by the way). When she’s headed back into the living room she stopped short and said “Hey, what’s my baby doll doing in the corner?”

GOOSE BUMPS ARE BACK!!!!!!!                                                               

Me: Didn’t you put her there?

KK: No, I put her on my bed with all my other stuffed animals.

Me: Really?

KK: Yes!

So I got up and went to her room, and I now I really wish I hadn’t. KK followed me in there.

This is what we found:

KK: See, momma, I put her right there in the middle, in front of Monkey and between Happy Feet and Lotso and Cry Baby (Cry Baby is the little baby doll, when I asked her why she named it that since the baby doesn’t cry she told me that the baby told her that was its name. Yea, not so ‘cute’ anymore.). Right here momma.

And she patted the empty spot right next to Happy Feet.

When I picked up the older kids I asked them about the doll. Both vehemently denied touching ‘that weird doll’.