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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sometimes things happen in this house that just freaks me out.

This house is spooky, there are weird noises and stuff happens every once in a while that makes you say to yourself “Did that just happen?” I especially hate it when Calvin or Tiny will look at “nothingness” and hiss, puff their tail up and run away. I always wonder “Are my cats seeing something that I cannot see???” It really freaks me out.
And then there are things that happen and I say “Well, the kids must have done that……right? Surely that is what happened!” But there is always a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that something is afoot in my home.
Today was one of those days.
I got the kids ready; this week is spirit week so each day is a new theme. Today is “Western Wednesday”. So I got them dressed and ready. I fixed them breakfast and had them brush their teeth and their hair. Then I made sure they picked up the living room and their bedrooms. Then we headed out. Now we always use the door in the living room that heads right out to the carport. Today was no different. And I didn’t notice anything weird. I even had to run to WalMart and grab some more lunchables. So after that I ran back home, put away my purchases, fed the cats and then headed to Party Central and then Hobby Lobby.  Tomorrow is Thingamajig Thursday and the kids are going as a group theme. Jon is The Cat in the Hat, KK is Thing 1 and Hannah is Thing 2. So I needed to get everything that I will need for their outfits. When leaving out the same living room door I noticed nothing weird.
I got what I needed at Party Central and Hobby Lobby then stopped off at Sams for some food and of course a Nathan’s hot dog because they are so yummy. And I may or may not have gotten 5 extra Nathan’s to keep in the fridge, don’t judge me.  I came home and unloaded my packages and that’s when I saw it. And for the record the hair stood up on that back of my neck. This is just freaky/weird/creepy:

Yea. So for now I’m telling myself “KK must’ve done that!” but I’m still baffled as to how it’s standing up since it’s got those flimsy legs and she isn’t made to stand up. But you can bet the first thing I’m asking the kids when I pick them up is if one of them positioned that doll like that. And I’m still wondering why I didn’t notice it the other times I went through that door. Ugh – goosebumps!!!!!