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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing is safe in our house!

Hannah and Jon got to go to the BEAUVOIR House  - The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library. If you live in Mississippi or are driving through Mississippi then you have to stop by Beauvoir in Biloxi. There is just so much history and you will feel “southern”, really and truly!
When they went there they took gift shop money. One of the things Hannah got was this cat that is fur covered (before you bash me I did explain that rabbits were killed to make this cat and let her know that I really didn’t want her to ‘collect’ these because it’s just not right. She agreed, she even felt a little bad for the rabbits that died to make it). It has lived perfectly happy in our houses for a few months, and then Calvin discovered it. I think he fell in love. We have had to resort to putting this poor ‘cat’ up on shelves to keep it safe. He will sit below it and stare longingly up at it. He will meow and call to it. It’s really pathetic.
Here's a picture of Hannah's cat safely on a shelf:

Without fail if we walk out of the room we will come back to him assaulting this poor figurine. No matter where we put it he’ll get it. And he’s stealthy about it as well. We will sit just on the other side of the door and wait, listening for any sound that may give away that he’s kidnapping (or is it catnapping?) this poor thing.
We’ll walk in to find this:
                                                         Do you mind, I'm busy here!

We'll finally wrench it away from Calvin - he's possessive of this cat, he'll growl at us; threatening to take some flesh off us if we come near it. Anyway, we'll finally get it away from him and it will be soaking wet where he's been licking and cleaning it. He's such a freak. But he's my little, furry freak. I love this cat!!!!