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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Attention: We Have a Winner!!!!

Eating gluten-free has its ups and its downs. Of course one of the biggest “ups” is that we are eating healthier and that Hannah isn’t hurting and sick every night.
One of the “downs” is not getting to eat your favorite foods, friends not understanding why you’re different, and finding tasty gluten-free foods.
I love it when friends send me recipes.
And I love the opportunity that social media gives us these days. I can go online to chat rooms specifically for celiacs or those choosing a gluten-free lifestyle and find out what is tasty and what tastes like cardboard.
One brand that we have grown to really trust is Udi’s.  We’ve only found one local place that carries it (in the freezer section, for freshness). It’s pretty good! And Hannah really likes their products.
You can also sign up for Udi’s recipes. So far they have been pretty darn good. But we got a recipe from them the other day that hit it out of the ballpark:

Hannah even took some to school and all her classmates all loved them!