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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Years and years and years ago Valentine’s Day was a day of romance and going out to eat and getting sparkly things. Now it’s about chocolaty kisses and big goofy smiles. It’s about little arms hugging me as tight as they can.
The Hubs has never been a big gift giver. Maybe it’s his crappy early childhood this has instilled this in him- I’m not sure, but I’ve grown to be okay with it.
What I wasn’t expecting was this:

It’ huge:

And the puppy dog was holding a little black box:

Each of the kiddos got one too (but theirs did NOT come with sparklies!!!).
I was shocked. Just when I get settled into the “norm” around here he throws me a curveball!!!
What can I say, HE IS AWESOME!!!