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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Project Sweetdreams!

When we first moved into this house the kids' rooms were upstairs. They didn't like that. The master bedroom is downstairs and they didn't feel "safe" upstairs away from us. So we moved them downstairs. Each kiddo has their own room. But there is one drawback, they are "walk through" rooms. When Jack Lucas built his "Medal of Honor room" it ran the whole side of the house, and each of the three rooms that the kids now call their rooms opens up to this large room. So at night it's a little sccary for them. The blinds are closed to that back part of the house, but it's still spooky.
So I came up with a plan. I put up curtains there so it looks more seperated. Like a real room.
Here's Hannah's room before:

And with a couple curtains:

And here's KK's finished room, I did leave a walkway in hers because the back door is right around the corner and we do use it a lot:
I used curtain rods, but I didn't want to put more holes in the walls so I just hung them up with ribbons attached to the hardware already there for the blinds. I found the curtains at Ross for pretty cheap as well, so bonus!!!! Hannah's purple curtains came in a 2 pack for 7.99 and the pink glittery curtain was $5.99. So that was an easy $14 fix. KK's were from upstairs, so I just rehomed them to her room (they were from Ross at 5.99 each - so $12). 
I had to use the ladder, which Calvin claimed as soon as possible:

I haven't done Jon's room yet since Ross didn't have any "boy curtains". More than likely I will have to resort to Target for them. I'll keep you posted!