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Monday, March 5, 2012

I try to not slam my kids’ school, but seriously???

Monday was picture day. The school had sent home the forms a couple weeks ago, but of course I lost them. So I ran into the office on Friday and spoke with the school secretary and told her “I definitely am having the kids’ pics taken.”
Not “I may get them taken.” Not “I’m still thinking about it.” Not “I’m kinda wishy washy about this. So we’ll just see.” No, I said I was definitely getting them taken. So what happened on Monday just blew my mind.
I picked up the kids and asked Jon “How’d it go with your pictures?” Now I asked Jon because the last time he had his pictures taken at school it looked like he was being held captive by the Taliban. Crazy terrified.  He then informed me that he didn’t get his picture taken. I asked why and he said he didn’t know.
So I went to talk to his teacher.
Me: What’s up with Jon not getting his picture taken?
Teacher: I don’t know what happened. Ms ***** didn’t call him out to get his picture taken. (by the way, her name is withheld to protect the lame-brained!)
Me: But he was supposed to get his picture taken!
Teacher: When I talked to Ms Byrd and she said Hannah had her picture taken I was shocked. I was wondering why Jon didn’t get picture taken when his sister had hers taken.
Me: I filled out all the paperwork.
Teacher: I don’t understand it then.
Me: It’s still right there in his backpack.
Teacher: It’s in his backpack?
Me: Yes!
Teacher: Well that explains it; Jon should have taken care of that paperwork. I mean, I can’t go through all of the 2nd Graders backpacks.
Me: (absolutely dumbfounded right now) Seriously?
Teacher: Yes! I don’t have that kind of time.
Me: Riiiiiiight. Because going through 3 backpacks would have taken forever. This is ridiculous.

I mean, there are literally 3 kids in 2nd grade. Really? No time?
This just pisses me off. Also, the school secretary is the one who pulled each kid out of class to have their pic taken. I told her I wanted their pictures taken. You would have thought a bell would have gone off in her head. Especially when she pulled Hannah out for pictures, maybe something would have triggered in her wee brain that said “Wait, maybe something is amiss! Maybe Jon’s paperwork was overlooked! Maybe I should go check this out!”