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Monday, March 19, 2012

I love days like this……

Sunday was a beautiful day, absolutely gorgeous. What better way to spend a day like this than headed to the beach with my three kiddos? There is none.
We headed out to Biloxi Beach at 9:45 a.m. at exactly 9:51 KK’s little voice sounds from the backseat “Are we almost there?”
The beach is an hour away. Luckily Hannah had brought along one of her magazines (Teen Bop or something like that) with her so they opened the magazine and were soon deep in conversation about teen singers and actors.
The beach was awesome. There was a nice breeze and it wasn’t smoldering hot. Biloxi has lots of sandbars, so you can walk way out there and not get any deeper than your calves or knees. So it’s great for the kids. And it's pretty clean as well, so big bonus there!
Jon immediately started collecting hermit crabs, which were a huge success for other beach-goers who flocked to Jon. Whole families were gathered around him as he showed them the hermit crabs, even helping some of them in finding them (he did not bring any crabs home this time – I drew the line.).
We even made sand castles, well maybe not castles, more like "huts", but it was fun.
We got caught some rays:

When we had had our fill of sun and sand we changed clothes and hit the souvenir shops on the boardwalk. There are two that we always go to. We loaded up on goofy trinkets like we were tourists, laughing and giggling and having fun.
On our way out of Biloxi we spotted a parade just starting. I don’t think I have ever parked my vehicle so fast in my life. It was packed! There were so many people that it was a little scary for KK, but I told her to just hold onto my shirt and we’d be fine. Every float was throwing out goodies. Mostly beads, but some were throwing out other things like stuffed animals, tootsie rolls, footballs, even big heads of cabbage. The Banana Boat float was handing out Tanning Lotion! Everyone was screaming for beads, it was a little hectic and I thought we wouldn’t get any at all, then I told the kids “Say please!” Instant success. Everytime they yelled out “PLEASE!” they would get something.

We left with a lot of goodies. I even got some tanning oil, woohoo!!!
But the best part of it all was seeing the smiles on their faces as we got back in the car and hearing them talk about it. Right at that moment I was the greatest mom in the world!

Jon's crawfish necklace!