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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Obviously we’re dealing with 2 completely different characters

I love Halloween costume shopping with the kiddos. They crack me up. We visited Spirit Halloween store yesterday for some costume shopping, I like Spirit because they allow you to try on the costumes. That’s a huge bonus since we have bought many costumes that looked great on the outside, but once we got them home they didn’t fit at all or look like the package image.
Hannah was wishy-washy. She went from Monster High characters, to girlie costumes, and then she saw the “tween” version of Alice in Wonderland. It was love at first sight.  Plus it was so cute, she just fit so perfectly as Alice.
KK immediately went for a Disney Princess costume that cost well over $100 so I started showing her other costumes in hopes that she would change her mind. Accomplished! She spotted a Monster High “cheerless cheerleader” and wanted needed that one. It’s super-duper cute, so I agreed.
Jon was a little more difficult. He’s picky. We checked out all the Star Wars costumes, and then browsed the other aisles.  He tried on an Angry Birds costume ( the red one) and I loved it but it was too big and bulky and he didn’t feel comfortable. We then tried on a sumo wrestler. It blows up with its very own fan. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. But Jon didn’t want it, no matter how much I begged and pleaded. Then he spotted a Jawa; one of the Star Wars characters whose eyes glow red. “That one!” he declared. And so it was.
We also got red hairspray for KK. We need to find a blond wig for Hannah, too. They were out.
The bill was scary high, but Halloween only comes once a year so it’s worth it.
When we got home the kids were dying to tell their dad all about the costumes they picked as well as the costumes they didn’t pick out.
Jon said “I thought about being Dark Vader.”
Me: Who?
Jon: Dark Vader
Me: You mean Darth Vader.
Jon: No, I mean Dark Vader, for  “the dark side”.
Me: But his name is darTH, with a TH. TTTTHHHHHHH.
Jon: DarK, with a K on the end. KKKKKKKKKKuh.
So I grabbed my laptop and looked up Darth Vader on YouTube.
Me: Hey Jon come look at this.
Jon comes over and watches the video, I then point out the title says “Darth” Vader. Not Dark Vader.
Jon looks at it for a while.
Jon: He does look a lot like Dark Vader to me, I bet their brothers.
And with that he goes back to playing.
Oh well.