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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I think I can cross off the kids’ Christmas wishes in one stop!

The kids are already in the Christmas spirit (by the way, counting today we have 76 shopping days left until the big day!). They know the real meaning of Christmas. They LOVE that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. But they are kids, so they love the commercialization of it all. And I’m not ashamed of that. They know the Jesus comes first ……. But …….. presents!!!!
So when they are watching tv they are " always on the lookout for must-have-presesnts.
So last night I put them on the spot and asked them what they wanted and all of them in unison said “New books!!!”
I was a little shocked, so I waited for them to start listing off other things but there was total silence for quite a while.
Then Hannah said “I want…”
Ah-hah! It begins. So I waited and listened.
She continued “The book of Judy Moody: Not Bummer Summer, and My Dumb Diary; that one is going to be so good!”
Then Jon caught the fever, “I want some more Junie B. Jones, she’s so funny. And some more dinosaur books.”
“More Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious.” Now KK was joining in.
They went on and on naming off tons of books that they wanted. Then there was silence.
I’m. In. Shock!                                                                          
I know that they want other things, but I’m a little (read A LOT) proud of those kiddos! They love them some books!!!