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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's all in the handwriting

We have simple unspoken rules in this house. One of these rules in no porn, none - of any kind. Not a magazine, no cruising the websites......none.
Another rule is that The Hubs has his computer and I have my computer. We don't use each others unless we have to.
So imagine my shock, horror, anger, surprise, disgust (this list goes on for a while) when I went in to use his computer (it was an emergency, I needed to order a pay-per-view movie and our Dish Network password is saved on his computer and I couldn't remember it and the next showing was coming on in 5 minutes, so using his computer was, in fact, an emergency. I think you'll agree with me on that one!) .... anyways ~ where was I? Oh, yes my shock when I went in to use his computer and I saw this stuck to his keyboard:

Dreamspank? What the ...... I mean think of it dreamSPANK - as in spank the monkey, or spank the stripper, or spank .... well, just spank.
I saw red, y'all.
I usually shoot first and ask questions later .... that's just how I roll. And this instance was no different.
I let him have it. Dirty old man .... disgusting old fart .... nasty perv .....
You get it. I went ballistic.
Uh, yea, that's actually "dreamspark". With an "R". It's a Microsoft software site that has some stuff he wants and needs for his work.
My bad. (Also, my husband's handwriting is HORRIBLE - as you can clearly see, so basically this was his own fault.)