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Monday, October 31, 2011

More news on Santa!

While continuing on my quest to find the truth behind Santa and his family; namely if he has his own biological children, I stumbled upon a website that answered it (though not to my liking):  It’s a little confusing because it has like a kajillion questions on there to choose from, so you have scroll down and find your question. I know! SO HARD.
Anyway, so I had pretty much blown off that site but then yesterday Debbie (my cuz, well my cousin-in-law, but they embrace me whole-heartedly and I do the same for them, and I love them all dearly), anywhere, where was I? Oh, yes, Debbie brought my attention back to that website. And I kind of blew it off again (and for that I am sorry!), but maybe this is exactly what I am looking for.
Maybe Santa didn’t want to publish a book for the whole world to know his business, and YET he also kind of wanted to get the word out there about his kids. Hey, pay attention here! I don’t wanna lose ya!
So, here is what the website says:
Does Santa have children; can you tell me about them?
Yes, I have a Son and Daughter; they both work here at North Pole Village. Both of them are outdoorsy, my Son is a reindeer trainer and my Daughter is an exercise rider. Mrs. Claus and I are extremely proud of both of them. Santa also considers all the children in the world a part of his family.
Which now raises another question: Since there is no other “humans” up at the North Pole, and only elves, what about their “social lives”, you know: their dating!!!!!! What about that? Are they shackled to a life of loneliness? Do they “borrow” dear ol’ dad’s reindeers to go clubbing in another country? What if Santa’s daughter gets a little reckless and gets pregnant, there are no OB’s up at the North Pole? OR ARE THERE???? I mean, the elves probably reproduce (which is a visual I didn’t even want), so is there a hospital up there? If so, who are the docs? Are the doctors elves? If so, where do they get their degrees? Is there a college up there? I thought elves only worked in Santa’s workshop (and in trees making Keebler cookies)!
Maybe I should have left well enough along, because now I have even more questions than I had before. Dang!
Anyway, if you have any pressing questions about the big man in the red suit check out that website, and another big thanks to Debbie for helping me out!!!