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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who Loves a Great Deal on a Summertime Item? I Do, I Do!!!

Call me crazy but when I find an unexpected clearance item that fits our home/kitchen/life perfectly I get all giddy inside. Makes me wanna sing, but Jon always reminds me that I’m not the best singer, so I try to suppress that urge.
Today we were at Target (did I just hear angels singing? That happens every time I say “Target”, see it happened again? No? Just me?) looking for a birthday for my super-duper fantastic best mom in the whole wide world, make that the galaxy. Then I rounded the corner from greeting cards to housewares (okay, okay, it was a couple corners, but really who's keeping count?) and saw a clearance rack of brightly colored drinking cups and plastic bowls. Right there in the aisle I did a happy dance because they were so bright and festive that they just made me oh-so happy, and our family is big time tea drinkers, and as any and all tea drinkers will tell you when you drink tea, especially in the summertime you need a great big sturdy plastic cup. And these were pretty dang big (the sticker only says “tumbler” but no ounce value, take my word for it – they are huge!). Each tumbler pair was marked down to $.98 so I got a pair in every color. The kids wanted some of the mini-tumblers; those came in a pack of 6 on clearance for $.98. Then I grabbed cereal bowls, they came in 4 packs marked down to $.98. The kids disagreed on colors, so we grabbed a multicolored set, a blue set, a green set, and a red set. Then we saw they had mini-bowls (another happy dance may or may not have occurred at this time). They came in packs of 6, so we grabbed a red pack and a green pack.

Eleven items in all each marked at $.98 each. So it totaled $10.78 plus tax. That is half the cost of the six tumblers I got at Sam’s a couple weeks ago that my husband despises, plus with this haul I got SO MUCH MORE.
*sigh* I left Target (there goes the angels singing again!) a happy, happy woman.
Oh yea, we also found something else there that I’ll post on tomorrow. That way I can say Target again and hear the angels sing some more!