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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red Lobster, Without the Bullets Please

We are on our way home the other day and The Boy “discovers” Red Lobster, as in the restaurant. He was very interested. I explained about what they served there as best as I could (seafood just isn't my cup of tea). And that was the end of the conversation, or at least from my stand point it was.
On our way to town the next morning he started to talk about Red Lobster and said he wanted “one of them lobsters.”
So I told him about having to crack them open to get to the meat. This excited him a lot.
Then he started talking about eating the lobster, and what he said just cracked me up, “I’ll have to be careful to take out the bullets. I don’t wanna swallow a bullet.”
Apparently, to a 7 year old getting a lobster to eat includes shooting him first.