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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Take the Medicine, Please!!!

I swear I could open a pharmacy with the contents that are in my fridge right now. It is jammed packed with antibiotics. Yes, I know you are supposed to throw them away when you finish your prescribed amount, but I can’t bring myself to do that. So I probably have nuclear waste in there.
We picked up The Boy’s latest prescription and hurried home to put it in the fridge (he says it tastes better with a good chill on it).  When it was time for his first dose (we had to wait 24 hours after the penicillin shot) he demanded “Lemme smell it first.”
So we’re gonna play that game again, huh? Fine. I took a sniff first and it smelled a little citrusy, not fruity like I had wanted, but I still held out hope that it would pass the sniff test. The Boy took a long whiff and scoffed, “It smells like handwash! Are you trying to get me to take handwash?”
Ok, first where did you even learn the word handwash? We say soap around here. “No, Jon, I’m trying to get you to take your medicine. And it’s not soap it just smells weird, okay?”
“That’ll make me sick! It’s poison! You really want to give that to me?”
*sigh* Really?
“Come on, buddy, just take the medicine. Please.”
“Fine, if you really want me to swallow handwash.” He leaned in and slurped up the spoonful. “Not bad………for handwash.”
Awesome, and only 19 more doses to go.