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Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend Recap

Oh and what a weekend it was. Ugh.
For a few days this past week every time The Boy would practice at the batting cages he would complain of a headache and a sore throat. I chalked it up to being TOO DAMN HOT there! (here's a hint HCA get some air conditioning so the little guys don't fall out!) Then in the middle of the night the hubs started snoring so loud even the cat abandoned his comfy perch in our room. So I went seeking a  bed somewhere else. I headed to Hannah's room but found KK had already snuggled in with her big sis. I thought for a second about sleeping in KK's room, but I'm pretty sure her room is haunted and it stays a steady 46 degrees in there. I went to The Boy's room since he has a nice big queen sized bed but soon discovered he was burning up with a fever. Uh-oh!
By the morning (and a good dose of Tylenol later) he still wasn't up to par. I grabbed a flashlight and discovered his tonsils were swollen and covered in puss pockets (hope you weren't eating while reading this). I grabbed the phone, first to call his friend's mom to let her know The Boy was sick and their play date that was planned for that day had to be postponed. Then I called the pediatrician and they said "Bring him in now." So away we went.
They did a strep test, which came back negative and the doc said "No way, that's strep!" and gave him antibiotics which he was supposed to take twice a day for five days.
By Sunday morning his fever was now spiking up to 102.7 and his tonsils were even worse (should have been a lot better since he had taken half of his doses of meds). Happy Father's Day! I packed him up and we headed to the ER. Another negative strep test later the docs were scratching their heads.
They ended up giving him a shot of penicillin and putting him on a different oral antibiotic, but said if he wasn't improving by Tuesday then they would have to weigh the option of going ahead and admitting him to the hospital and tackling it there.
So much for a planned weekend at the beach. Poor Jon, I bet he would have had more fun there.