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Friday, June 3, 2011

Summertime Fun: Where Are You?

It’s officially summertime. School’s out and the kids are already asking me “What can I do? I’m bored.”
They Boy is going to Baseball Camp here. But that leaves The Oldest huffing and puffing. Then some nice lady at the ballpark told us about Camp Invention that they do up at Southern Miss and bells went off. We were sooooo excited. Then we got a little nervous because it’s through lunchtime and with The Oldest having The Problem and all were biting our nails and gnashing our teeth. But a quick phone call quieted any fears we had; we could pack a lunch for her. So we did a happy dance.
That left us with The Diva. We know she’ll be crushed if she doesn’t get to do stuff when her brother and sister are out at camps. So I’m researching places to go and things to do with her. Make it “Me and Mommy” time; which she typically adores. They have an indoor bounce center here, Kids Rule, where I think she’d love to go. But I think there would be mutiny in the Matthews home if the other two were left out. But I think it’d be great if she got to go somewhere first for a change, ya know? They always experience stuff first then she comes along and gets to do it. She’s the youngest that’s just how it goes. So it would be some kind of wonderful if she got to experience Kids Rule first and be all “In your face, big kids! I went first for a change!” Only that’s not her demeanor, that’s mine. She’d be all nice about it and say something like “I went to this bouncy place and you have to come. It’s great and fun. And you will love it.” That’s just the way she is, she wants to share the love and the fun and I think that’s great.
It’s times like these that I wish the Grandparents lived closer so we could have play dates. That is one thing that is hard being military, the distance from our family. Corey’s family is in Texas and my family is in Florida and we are in Mississippi. But…..deep breath because next summer we’ll be in Texas!
I’ll keep you posted on our summer activities!