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Friday, January 13, 2012

So The Plan didn’t work out, and neither did Plan B or C, but that’s okay because The Last Resort turned out to be awesome. So maybe The Last Resort should have been The Plan all along

Last night’s plan was to put the kiddos to bed, take a bath/shower (bath for me, shower for Corey) and then we do what we love doing on Thursday nights; we watch Impractical Jokers. We love this show, it’s hilarious. We look forward to it all week. We got nine minutes into the show and Dish Network locked up. It locked up. It LOCKED THE *&#@ UP!!!!!
We have been having trouble with our Dish Network receiver for over three weeks now. We have called the techs. We have “chatted” online with the techs. We have done all that they tell us to do, which is the same thing over and over and over again; unplug your receiver, wait ten minutes, plug it back in, wait for it to reboot and it will be just fine. Only it’s not. Oh, and they tell us “We’re sending you another signal.”
Um, no you’re not. I’m not stupid!
We have not gotten to watch a full TV episode for three weeks without it messing up. I now hate Dish Network. They have ruined my happiness. And I unleashed my fury on them. They are sending out someone on Monday to replace the receiver this was only after I told them that I had a self-installation kit from Comcast sitting next to my TV just waiting for me to hook up.
So we attempted over and over to reboot the system, only the hard drive kept failing. Then Jon came stumbling into the living room.
“Hey, buddy, what’s wrong?”
“My tummy hurts, I have diarrhea, and my mouth is all slobbery.” He was holding his tummy. Flashback to earlier this evening; we had went out to eat at Papito’s (Jon loves their queso), and he ate a lot. Not just queso, but chicken nuggets and fries as well. This is the kid that doesn’t eat much at all, so when he does eat we cheer him on, but his tummy isn’t used to eating so much. Then afterwards we went to 32*, it’s a frozen yogurt bar. The kids loaded up their cups with their frozen yogurt and all sorts of toppings. So this was even more for his tummy to take in and digest. Now he was paying the price.
I jumped up off the couch, “Ya wanna lie down in mom and dad’s bed?” I led him into our room and lifted him onto the bed; he instantly snugged into the covers with a smile.
“I give up on Dish Network; I’m going to bed, too.” That was Corey coming into the room.
Now it was just me trying to get the cable working. My frustration was getting the best of me. I gave up, turned off the TV and started to head to bed, contemplating whether to take Jon back to his room or to just slide in next to him. There was plenty of room for the three of us, so I was leaning towards the latter. Then I remembered that Calvin had run out the door when we got back from town. It was well past 10:00 now and the temp was already 40 degrees and dropping. I went out the side door and called for him. No luck. I went to the front porch and called from him. No luck. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I knew it was supposed to get below freezing, and leaving him outside was not an option. I love my cat dearly; I’d sit outside wrapped in a blanket calling for him & waiting for him if I had to.  I went back out to the carport and checked in the storage shed, sometimes he’ll run in there when Corey is getting the dog food out and he’ll get shut up in there. No luck. I walked out to the side of the house and called. No luck. I walked over to the other side of the house and called, here he comes from the neighbor’s house. Traitor. But I was happy he was safe and sound. Back inside the house I fed him and Tiny and went and checked on the girls.
Hannah was fine, KK looked up at me with sleep eyes, “Mama, can we snuggle?”
My heart melted, “Sure, sweetie. Come on.”
I grabbed a goose-down comforter and we headed upstairs to the guest room, we have a king-sized bed in there. We snuggled under the comforter that was already on the bed, plus the goose-down one (the upstairs can get a bit chilly in this old house!). KK snuggled in close to me. Then Calvin jumped up on the bed. Calvin is not a snuggler, he is not a social cat. It’s just the way he is. He sleeps up on his cat tree. He is happy there and we all know not to mess with him. But he circled around by my feet, found a comfy spot and crashed out. OMG!!!! THEN Tiny jumped up and wiggled her way up under the covers (she does this all the time), crawled down the side of my leg and curled up.
This, right here, was as close to heaven as I’ve gotten this far in life!!! I was one happy lady; KK, Calvin and Tiny (plus I knew any minute Hannah would we up here, it’s like she has a radar and knows when I’m upstairs)!! So The Plan didn’t work out, and neither did Plan B or C, but that’s okay because The Last Resort turned out to be awesome. So maybe The Last Resort should have been The Plan all along.