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Monday, January 23, 2012

I think my doctor is ordering me a straight-jacket. I’m fine with that.

I had to go see my doc today. He’s a great guy. When we leave Mississippi I totally plan to stuff him in my suitcase and bring him with us. Since he is my husband’s doc as well, I think he’ll be fine with it.
My migraines have been pretty much in check with the Topamax, I do have break-through migraines, but I am certainly not suffering like I was before. And I do have little headaches here and there, but I am a mom (and a wife) so that comes with the job.
The Doc asked me all about my health, all the typical stuff. Then asked about my period, (he’s the one who sent me to Dr. Drake in the first place, but I guess my file wasn’t updated yet).
Doc: So let’s talk about your period.
Me: Ooooooo, Let’s!
Doc: How’s it going?
Me: Awesome!
Doc: Still a really heavy flow?
Me: Not at all, it’s like isn’t even there.
Doc: (weird look, probably because of the crazed smile I’m flashing back at him) Still clotting?
Me: No clots, what-so-EVAAAAHHHH!
Doc: You’re messing with me, aren’t you?
Me: Yep!
Doc: Ablation?
Me: Hysterectomy!
Doc: Awesome!
Me: Absolutely!
Then we high-fived. Yea, my doc is the fabulous!
So we talked about my restless leg syndrome, it can keep me up for an entire night. It’s crazy. And since I had such a nasty reaction to Mirapex he was cautious to put me on anything too extreme.
I also told him “Hey, ya know how when I told you about Mirapex causing me nasty headaches and you were all like ‘That’s just unheard of, hhhmmmmm, weird’? Yea, well I did some research and headaches are one of the most common side effects of that drug, over 16% of patients prescribed it had that side effect. Do your research!”
Yea, he loves the verbal beat-down he gets from me.
So, now he’s prescribed me Neurontin. I asked him if he has researched the drug. He shifted around in his seat like he was getting uncomfortable and said “Pffft, of course.” Then he started tapping away at his computer again.
So, here’s to Neurontin knocking my a$$ out and letting me sleep at night!
p.s. I totally know Neurontin will help me out because when my legs get super bad I sneak over to the Hub’s nightstand and steal one of his Neurontin’s (he has issues that needs some tissues as well) and pop one, and within 20 minutes my legs are happy! Woohoo!