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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just to hear my sister's voice would be awesome, just knowing that she is still alive .... So, I guess I'm desperately seeking Donna Smith ..... still.

I spent hours today online searching for my sister. No, I still have no leads. This year will mark 21 years since I have seen her. It also marks 10 years since anyone has heard from her. This is what I have discovered though:

1. Florida has a lot of Donna Smiths in their inmate database.

2. I looked at more mugshots of "Donna Smith" than I ever want to ever again (none turned out to be my sister).

3. Why can't I just do a warrant or inmate search with a social security number?

4. You can do a search through the Social Security Administration with any one's SSN.

5. My sister's Social Security number is still "active".

6. An "active" SSN does not mean much, only that a "Jane Doe" was not brought in to a morgue, finger printed and ID'ed as my sister.

7. Searching for someone who does not want to be found can be really really hard.

8. Searching for someone who does not want tot be found can be really really depressing.

9. Just when I'm at my wit's end and ready to quit, something makes me keep searching because "what if I'm one click away from finding her?"

10. There really is no "10", I just didn't wanna end it on "9". Sorry.

I know if I found her she is no longer the "Donna" that I grew up with. She isn't the sister I am looking for. Still, I just can't let go.