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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Boy is becoming more like his father.

Today was a blah day. We really didn't have anything on the calendar and I didn't really want to do anything. I didn't even want to tackle any schoolwork, even though I haven't touched my assignment all week and it's due tomorrow and it's gonna be a monster to complete in one day. I feel like torturing myself, so I will wait until the last possible moment and then complain that I don't have enough time to complete it. Hmmm, I wonder where my kids get their penchant for procrastination? I'll think about that one later, I just don't feel like it right now (see what I mean?).
So I'm lounging in the living room not doing anything in particular, The Hubs is in the room with me. We may or may not have been watching a movie. I can't remember. If we were it probably wasn't that good. The kids were running amuck, just kinda being free-range kids today. They had been outside most of the day. Earlier I had caught them down my the road holding up signs that read "Pizza's $5.00" I yelled at them to get away from the road right now. They dropped their signs and ran back up to the porch where I was. "What the heck do you think y'all are doing?"
"Selling pizza." The look on my oldest daughter's face was a look of oblivion, DUH!
"Um, but y'all don't have any pizzas."
"So, what if someone stopped and wanted a pizza?"
Blank stares.
"Don't go out there by the road again. I'm not kidding."
"Because I'm your mother and I said so. Because I don't want you to get hit by a car. Because you don't have any pizzas to sell. Because it's against child labor laws. Because you don't have a food handlers permit."
"Can we sell snowflakes?"
Now it was my turn to give them the blank stare.
"Well? Can we?"
"Because you don't have any snowflakes to sell! That's why!"

I swear I'm sprouting gray hairs by the minute.

So it started raining and the kiddos had to come inside. All was fine and well. They really play well together. Again, I'm parked on the sofa and Corey's sitting in his chair, I'm pretty sure we're watching a Clint Eastwood movie when we hear Jon calling out from somewhere from the back of the house, "Kimberly! Come here! Kimberly! You gotta see this! It's my biggest poop ever!"
I looked at The Hubs and said "This one's all yours. Have at it."
He looked at me for just a second, "Did he really just say that?"
"Yes, now get in there before Kimberly does!"